12 Years Old Award-Winning Author, Munachi Mbonu, Set to Unveil Third Book


Twelve years old award winning author, Munachi Mbonu, is set to unveil her third book titled “Father’s will”. The multitalented writer who started writing at the age of 7 will be hosting the literary community to a book launch on the 15th of December 2019 at the Eko Hotel and Suites, Victoria Island Lagos.


The text which centers on a young detective, Ezinne, who takes after her father’s career by joining the Nigerian Police Force and the life of a Nigerian Musician who goes missing and how she is able to proffer solution to the case.

One of her previous works, “Chidubem” was read at the 2019 World Book Day event in the presence of many dignitaries. She has also participated in book readings in the United Kingdom. She has been recognized at various fora and this also include the Idohosa Wells Okunbo Excellence Award and the Creestel Heritage Award.

The Anambra-born, Munachi is renowned for using indigenous contents such as local names and food. Her choice of words are very relatable to Nigerians. She loves to tell African story in a contemporary way and also encourage reading culture.

According to her, “The future of our great nations depends on us. We need to develop every talent we have to enable us build a great nation.”


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