A Call for Philanthropic Support of Oke-Ogun Commoners During COVID-19


By Julius Adesina


Following the global pandemic crisis of the Coronavirus which is now a threat to our existence as humans and in order to stay safe one needs to stay at home to avoid contracting the deadly virus.

The impact of this global disease has grown in intensity to the extent of causing great anxiety for most governments which has now resulted to a partial lockdown of states so as to find a lasting solution and also combat the scourge of the deadly Coronavirus.

It cannot be gainsaid that Oke-Ogun as a region is in an usual state today and what is expected of us is to think of ways out of this quagmire. However, it is really pathetic that our leaders insatiable desire for wealth acquisition and their myopic nature which has brought us to a standstill that we are in as a region today appear incurable.

The trend of giving alms and extending widow’s mite support to commoners had greater significance when viewed against the effect of Coronavirus on our economy. As the responsibility to help and support commoners in this trying period does not lie in the hands of political office holder alone.

It is a collective task towards sustaining the survival of those whose means of survival is based on daily earning which by the pandemic they are being denied access to their daily bread.

And its surprising, as well as disappointing to see how our so called business tycoons and philanthropists have failed in providing and giving palliatives to our people in this trying period.

I have read about their good works even though I have not seen one but I believe people who set up foundations are good and wonderful people who have interest in humanity. I have also heard about donations they have made in public functions, in the form of; cash gifts, rams and others.

All these I have read about but I appeal to you to take a look at the people who are in need in this trying period when it is necessary for everyone to stay at home so as to be safe.

We all have the belief that this trying season will surely pass and individual efforts toward assuaging the attendant hardships on the hapless commoners will also linger long. It is noteworthy that the two classes; “The Rich and The Poor” both live for each other in a time like this.

We however should become proactive and not wait until the poor begin to die of hunger while staying home in order to stay safe before becoming reactive. Money donated or funds meant for the families of the deceased, if channelled properly can avert the unexpected.

I know that people prefer public donations than feeding the poor so their praises could be sung but we equally know the amount of what the business tycoons have benefitted from this region (Oke-Ogun) which by giving back to the region they do no harm.

So I urge our business tycoons and so call philanthropists to see this period as a time to give back to the society as the society has given much to you. As the little you might render as support will also be eulogized according to your gestures in salvaging the situation.

Julius Adesina writes from Igbeti Oloye.


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