AI jobs in 2021: here are some key trends


There’s no doubt about it – Artificial Intelligence has been a bit of a buzzword this year. Artificial intelligence has been established as the main driver of emerging technologies such as big data, robotics, and the IoT. So, what do the next 12 months look like for AI?

As a result of the global pandemic, consumer trends have changed significantly, which has resulted in some notable trends in the world of AI for 2021…


Hyperautomation is the application of advanced technologies like Artificial Intelligence and machine learning to augment workers and automate processes in ways that are significantly more impactful than traditional automation capabilities. Automated business processes must be able to adapt to changing circumstances and respond to unexpected situations, hence the need for AI. This is something we’ll be seeing more of in the new year, no doubt.

Ethical AI 

One of the biggest things we’re expecting in 2021 is a rising demand for the ethical use of Artificial Intelligence. Previously, companies adopted AI and machine learning without a huge amount of thought to the ethics behind them. But now, consumers and employees expect companies to adopt AI in a responsible manner. Over the next number years, companies will deliberately choose to do business with partners that commit to data ethics and adopt data handling practices that reflect their own values as well as their customers’ values.

Workplace AI

It is predicted that in 2021, a sizeable number of companies in adaptive and growth mode will look to Artificial Intelligence to help with workplace disruption for both location-based, physical, or human-touch workers and knowledge workers working from home. AI will be used for things like customer service agent augmentation, return-to-work health tracking, and intelligent document extraction.


AI seems to be constantly finding itself wrapped up in the world of cybersecurity, for both corporate; an ongoing trend that’s going nowhere. AI and machine learning technology can be used in cybersecurity to help identify threats, including variants of earlier threats. AI use will expand to create smart homes where the system learns the ways, habits, and preferences of its occupants – improving its ability to identify intruders and protect the home.

Culled from VentureBeat



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