Akinlotan, Olowoyo, Olalere, Ogunbode, others emphasize youth development in Nigeria


By Kayode Awojobi


It was a gathering of eggheads in Okeho today as learned individual from far and near converged together at the town hall for a programme with the theme “Yes I Can Make It” which was organized by Pastor Favour Adewoyon, the C.E.O of Youth Inspire Organization, a non-governmental organization with the sole aim of inspiring the youths across the globe.

While speaking at the programme, chief Mrs Isinmiola Olowoyo notes that the roles of the parents in building veritable youths cannot be over-emphasised, she therefore urged the parents not to give up on their wards. On his own part, Mr Jide Akinlotan ascertained that there is no way the government will provide effectively for the citizens, therefore, the youths must discover themselves and strive ernestly for their betterment in life.

Addressing the audience, Chief Sola Ogunbode, condemned the blind politics being played majorly in Okeho as a community, he then call for active participation in politics amidst the youths and the community at large. Additionally, Pastor Timothy Amosun restated the need to be determined, he as well urged the youths to always be optimistic and always have it in mind that they’ll make it in life not minding their immediate condition or background.

Also at the programme, Mr Bola Olalere, the Editor-in-chief of Okeho News expressed the importance of media as powerful weapon needed for societal development, he as well encouraged the youths to discover themselves as early as possible and always remember their home.

Meanwhile, as part of the activities to make the programme an excellent one, Alhaji Raji Bomodeoku was given an award of excellence for his priceless contributions to Okeho and Oke-Ogun at large, in his acceptance speech, the awardee urged the youths to be always proactive in their pursuits in life, also, a special interview session was done for Alhaji Moshood Opara on how he strived to the apex in his business exploits.

The organizer of the programme, Pastor Favour Adewoyin on his own parts urged the youths to always strive for the best in life, as there is always a room for extraordinary success.



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