APRA Postpones Annual Conference, to hold in 2021


After due examination of the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact across Africa, the African Public Relations Association (APRA) and the Public Relations Society of Tanzania (PRST) have taken the decision to postpone APRA Tanzania 2020 Conference to May 2021.


This decision was taken after due consideration being given to the current situation, the fact that the duration thereof is unclear and the fact that the economic repercussions of the pandemic will be severe across the continent.

Therefore, we thought it prudent not to put additional financial pressures on the members of APRA and our organisations. All enquiries with regards to visas, payments made and further information should be directed to the APRA Coordinator.

We are pleased to advise that a series of webinars will be held to ensure our members benefit from some of the valuable content they would have received at the conference itself.

While we fight COVID-19 together, please stay home and stay safe. Avoid the spread of fake news and obey directives from your governments and the World Health Organisation which allow us all to help reduce the burden on all health workers across the globe.

In closing, APRA supports the #stayINreachOUT initiative which focuses on ensuring that social distancing does not lead to social isolation and challenges all members to get involved.


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