Bobrisky says he does not want to get pregnant yet, asks for birth control


Bobrisky who recently cried out over menstrual pain wants to know what birth control to use


The 28-year-old asked for the opinions of his female fans popularly called Popular Nigerian cross dresser Idris Okuneye, Bobrisky, has got Nigerians talking again after he said that he does not want to get pregnant yet.

The controversial cross dresser took to his social media page to state his concerns about getting pregnant as he does not like to use ‘protection’.

While people are still trying to understand his real gender, his statements about himself often leave people asking questions. It was gathered that the 28-year-old once revealed the kind of woman he would like to marry if he decided to return to his original gender.

Now, he is asking for the opinion of his female fans on what to do to avoid pregnancy. According to him, he does not like using ‘protection’ with his bae. In his post, he said he would love to know the birth control to use.


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