Cocoa House Elevator crashes: kills one, injure others


Today, the elevator at the Cocoa House crashed and dropped to the basement, killing one and leaving 3 injured.


It was said that an eyewitness mentioned that the incident happened while the elevator’s technicians are making a repair on it before it fell on the people working on it.

In a statement signed by Mr Victor Ayetoro, the Head of Corporate Affairs, Oodua Investment Company, Ltd , who said that the lift installation around team suffered a mechanical failure while working on the elevator at around 11am this morning.

“The said failure resulted in the lift car dropping and crashing into the basement pit.

He however confirmed the death of one of the technicians in the team and that three other technicians suffered minor injuries and have been taken to the hospital for check up/ treatment.

“The head office of the company has been informed and their representatives have arrived to take charge of the situation while the Police have also been informed.”


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