Drone Technology Expo holds in Lagos in May by ABSE


Airport Business Summit on Cargo & Aero Logistics and Drone Technology Expo is planned to hold from the 10th to 13th May 2021 at the NIGAV Expo Centre at Murtala Muhammed International Airport.


The combined event is aimed at closing cargo operational capacity gaps of the Nigerian aviation industry, improve cargo revenue, link the chain of aero logistics to national agro-export projects, and open Nigeria to the emerging opportunities in Drone technology.

The Highlight of the event includes

· 10th May 2021: Airport Business Summit On Cargo and Aero-logistics

· 11th May 2021: Drone Essence and Emerging Technologies Conference and Expo

· 12th May 2021: Airport Business Recovery and Commercial Drone Application

· 13th May 2021: Conference Debate on PPP and Enterprise Workshops.

Drone, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) or Remotely Piloted Aircraft System RPAS is beginning to gain enormous presence in almost all aspects of daily operations. The global drone market is growing at an astronomical CAGR of 13.5% and predicted to hit $80 billion in 2026 opening opportunities for hundredth of thousands of jobs.

Civil application for this technology has become limitless covering; Delivery, Logistics, Agriculture, Construction, Safety, Rescue, Humanitarian mission, Environment Monitoring, Security, Videography, Mapping and applicable in all industries and commerce.

Drone Technology Conference and exhibition DRONTECX the first of its kind in Nigeria is opening up the opportunities inherent in this emerging field with an expo and conference planned from 11-13 May 2021 at the NIGAV Centre, International Airport Road, Murtla Muhammed International Airport Ikeja Lagos.

According the organiser, Fortune Idu, who is the chairman of Airport Business Summit group, the event is offshoot of Airport Business summit which has created Aero cargo and logistics conference and now the drone expo as part of the NIGAV centre event as mandated by the corporation with the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria to use NIGAV centre to drive Africa event and locate them within the corridor of the International Airport.

Our projection is that in five years the UAV and autonomous vehicle industry will experience exponential growth in Nigeria and Africa. The growth opportunities in the drone services and software segment are huge for Nigeria but great planning and developing the market required.

With many countries such as India, USA, UAE liberalizing the application of drone in the economic sphere, more is expected in the coming years with drone technology and Nigeria must not be left behind. We have a big youthful population and technically savvy people who will take advantage of the technology and drive o@regulatory agencies. Ours is to create the platform to have all the mix take place.

The full three-day event will cover various presentations and workshops on a range of drone issues covering; regulations, manufacturer standards enterprise development, corporate and commercial applications.

Drone Technology Conference and exhibition is designed to aid this growth through education, awareness creation, exchange of information and creating a trade promotional platform for acquisition of drones, usages and help to build the regulatory framework for safe civil and commercial operations


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