Extension of Call for Entries: The Nigeria Prize For Literature, Literary Criticism, And Science 2024 Prize Cycle


Nigeria LNG Limited is pleased to announce the extension of the Call for Entries for The Nigeria Prize for Literature (NPL), The Nigeria Prize for Literary Criticism (NPLC), and The Nigeria Prize for Science (NPS) 2024 Prize Cycle. This extension aims to provide ample opportunity for more aspiring candidates to participate in these prestigious competitions.


The Nigeria Prize for Literature (NPL) stands as a beacon of recognition in the literary world, with a prize worth $100,000. This year, the genre in focus is Children’s Literature, inviting writers to showcase their talent in this captivating field. The application deadline for the NPL is April 2nd, 2024.

In parallel, The Nigeria Prize for Literary Criticism (NPLC), with a prize worth $10,000, emphasizes the critical analysis and appreciation of Children’s Literature. Scholars and enthusiasts are encouraged to delve into the depth of this genre. The application deadline for the NPLC coincides with that of the NPL, closing on April 2nd, 2024.

Furthermore, The Nigeria Prize for Science (NPS) offers a significant opportunity for innovators in the field of healthcare therapy. With a prize worth $100,000, this year’s theme, “Innovation For Enhancement of Healthcare Therapy,” seeks groundbreaking contributions towards improving healthcare outcomes. The application deadline for the NPS is April 30th, 2024.

We extend this call to all potential applicants across various sectors, including prestigious institutions, authors, publishers, professional bodies, and organizations. Whether your expertise lies in Linguistics & Language Studies, Theatre & Performing Arts, or the Medical Sciences, we welcome your participation. Detailed flyers outlining the application processes are attached for your reference.

Nigeria LNG Limited remains committed to fostering excellence in literature, literary criticism, and science. We encourage all eligible candidates to seize this opportunity and showcase their talents on the national stage.


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