Feature: 10 Top Priorities for Nigeria in 2023


By Ayo Akinfe


Just as Lionel Messi set himself the target of wining the World Cup with Argentina, Nigeria should give herself the following top 10 priorities going into 2023

[1] Increasing generated power from the current 7,000MW to about 50,000MW through a variety of sources like wind, solar, thermal, gas, hydro and waste recycling

[2] Initiating a Lagos Underground tube network. Lagos is the largest city in the world without an underground network. With 12m people and no metro, you will always take five hours to drive from one end of the city to the other

[3] Getting Nigeria Air going. We have a massive aviation market and it is crazy that we are not tapping into it. Foreign airlines are having a field day ripping us off

[4] Starting a high speed railway network, beginning with the Lagos-Abuja route. South Africa has shown us the way with the Johannesburg-Durban line

[5] Getting the ports of Warri, Calabar, Port Harcourt, Ikot-Abasi and Uyo up to the capacity of Apapa

[6] Raising our GDP from the current $450bn to about $1trn through an ambitious agribusiness expansion programme that will see us expand production and start processing cash crops like cocoa, palm oil, cashews, coconuts, groundnuts, neem, papaya, cassava, guar gum, kolanuts, shea nuts, yam, etc

[7] Tapping into the growing automobile market by getting manufacturers to open assembly plants in the country. They should also be encouraged to open at least a plant that is the worldwide manufacturing facility for one car component. It could be that rubber along the door, gearboxes, headlamps, windscreens, wipers, etc

[8] Crushing Boko Haram once and for all. If need be, drop napalm on Sambisa Forest. Likewise, the Fulani herdsmen need to be given the “Maitatsine treatment.”

[9] We currently have about 193,000km of tarred roads. We need to bring it up to South Africa’s level of 947,000km or at least Pakistan’s level of 262,000km. Africa as a continent is “roadless” with South Africa and Nigeria in a league of their own. However we need to catch up with the South Africans

[10] Our literacy rate is currently around 60% but we have 13m out of school children. We need to raise the literacy level to 75% over three next four years and bring the number of out of school kids down to 3m in the first instance


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