Feature- Access Bank: Enhancing Customer Education, Awareness through Television Commercials


By Dorcas Omotayo


Television commercials have been widely accepted in television production as an ideal audio-visual aide that can foster interest and motivation for the audience. These commercials could come in form of a short complete story and have a clear objective and mission. Several brands have employed the use of TV commercials to not only educate and promote their products or services but also to advertise, and advertising can be considered as the main objective of commercials.

Meanwhile, TV commercials have been used by brands to accomplish several objectives, such as, to connect with viewers in an emotionally relevant way to enhance brand favorability, loyalty and revenue; reinforce specific attributes of a brand; offer assistance and educate customers and remind customers of all the digital channels available to them. Added to these, commercials also assist in brand position and visibility.

Television commercials have been adjudged to have a positive impact on viewers and largely influence their purchase decisions. Research has also revealed that through TV commercials, viewers are more inspired to take certain actions and decisions that are beneficial to them and the economy.

Launching a TV campaign to create awareness, educate and encourage more participation by Nigerian female entrepreneurs is Access Bank Plc. The TV commercial was aimed at educating and creating awareness on the bank’s W power loan; a product specially designed for its women-owned businesses while telling a story. The campaign further underpins the banks’ commitment to strengthening its multi-billion Naira women-entrepreneur financing scheme.

The campaign which was displayed on digital platforms and on TV in a series of high-profile commercials, features two lead characters: Lady W played by renowned singer Waje and Tolu T played by actress and on-air personality, Lolo1. Both ladies seem to be at opposite ends of a string as Waje, the very ambitious woman jumped at the W power loan, grabbed the opportunity provided by Access Bank to scale her business but Lolo1 kept procrastinating.

In addition, the TV commercial titled ‘Going the Extra Mile for You’, features a character by the name Mr. Bello, a new customer of the bank; the Customer Care Officer (CCO) by the name Gloria and an account officer, who went across the ocean to get an account opening package signed by the customer. This commercial further reinforces the bank’s dedication to ensure that its customers’ banking needs are adequately catered to, regardless of gender, age, or location.

Furthermore, in the months of lockdown which brought a lot of uncertainty and anxiety for employees, customers, stakeholders, and the world at large, led to a new order across the world. Apart from the fact that it shuts down businesses, social and academic activities, the lockdown also brought the fear of the unknown to families. Notably, the most impacted was the economy, which according to April World Economic Outlook projects global growth in 2020 to fall to -3 percent.

As a gentle response during the peak of the raging Coronavirus pandemic, the global corporate communities did not only refocus their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and its messaging, they also calibrated the messaging of their commercials and advert to reflect how compassionate they are as a corporate.

In the latest television commercial of the Access Bank titled ‘Tough Choices’, the bank focuses on sending empathetic messages to its stakeholders, revealing that the bank is aware and shares their burden as they grapple with the fallout from the pandemic. Through a noble voice that depicts affection, concern and strong feeling, the bank speaks to what its local and international customers may be passing through at the time. At such a time, the bank salutes the courage and sacrifices being made by its patrons, hence the title ‘Tough Choices’.

Positioning itself as a banking giant in Nigeria and beyond, Access Bank within a short time have gained recognition and customer loyalty. With the ambition of becoming a brand that commands respect, the bank has become a household name in the industry. Access Bank has also aligned its communications strategy and service offerings to solidify its market share.

Ultimately, banks play a crucial role in educating and informing the public through TV commercials. There is no better time than now to employ TV commercials as a tool for sharing brand stories and creating awareness while maintaining an educational and emotional bond with customers.

Dorcas Omotayo is the Features Editor of News Wings NG, Lagos, Nigeria


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