Feature- COVID-19: Let us pray for Abiola Ajimobi.


By Kayode Awojobi


When the news of his unstable state of health broke out, to some it was just a mere assumption as the Aare Atunluse of has not been seen as regular while some referred to it as a loveless news, but the reality has now dawn on the people, even the loyalists to the governor of Oyo state who already debunked the news about the illness of the constituted authority Oyo state has ever produced.

No one is born immortal, this automatically means, no one will eventually last forever and we’ll all die one day in this sense, it is a form of undaunted hatred when we wish the Koseleri governor of Oyo state death at his prime age, most especially when we are all taught to always love our neighbors as ourselves. Ajimobi in the first place is a family man who occupied an invaluable vacuum in his lineage and possibly the breadwinner of the family as at now on the other hand, as an astute politician who contributed a lot to the formation of the modern Oyo state with his unprecedented landmark achievements and policies in almost all sectors across the state and being the Chairman of South West APC, loosing such a rare gem to the cold hands of death in this delicate time will be a great loss to Oyo state political scene and Nigeria at large.

While many might posits that Abiola Ajimobi has done much harm than good, then it is proper to clarify it that we all have our shortcomings and we’ll all have our enemies in whatsoever we lay our hands on, most especially in a typical politics being played in Nigeria.

As Yoruba would say “Baaba gbagbe oro ana, aa ni renikan aa ba sere” the same is applicable to the condition being faced by Ajimobi now, and each household that has once been affected by Ajimobi’s governance in Oyo state should try and find a place in their heart to forgive the constituted authority, to who lost their loved ones through Ajimobi’s style of governance should as well forgive him as our creator as well forgives us of our sins and transgressions.

Now is the time to show our love and support to the family of Ajimobi entirely, because loosing someone like him will leave a vacuum very hard to fill in their family and Oyo state political scenes in all facets.

Dear Nigerians, let us pray for Abiola Ajimobi and forget all his misdeeds that he might have caused and leave everything to the hands of the creator and if our prayer is answerable, let Ajimobi be healed and if not, “Aki gbo buburu lenu abore” so I say!

Meanwhile, as for me and my household, we wish Abiola Ajimobi quick recovery from any form of illness being faced by him.

May God answer our prayers!


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