Feature- IBEDC: Give us Light or Cease Giving us Bills


by Oseni Ibrahim


Kajola Youth Forum is a youth-centric association made up of young people whose focus is to champion their individual and collective development  of Kajola Local Government which comprises of those residing at home, in other towns, cities within Nigeria and in the diaspora.

Residents of the local government have not been enjoying electricity supply. Apart from the fact that power supply is so irregular, our people have also been regularly given outrageous electricity bills which would make it seem that they have enjoyed electricity supply for the entire month.

It is important to state unequivocally that the power supply enjoyed monthly is far below the electricity bill we are compelled to pay on a monthly basis.

We have, through various fora, complained to the head office of Ibadan Electricity Company (IBEDC), but nothing has been done to address our complaints.

Mostly and always, the explanation we got from IBEDC about this abysmal power supply to our area has been revolving around bad transformers. 

With all sense of humility, we like to know whose responsibility is it to install and maintain transforrequired to distribute  electricity across the vicinity. We need to ask this question so as to know the necessary step to take in order to address this issue with a view to finding a lasting solution to our problem at once.

It is quite disheartening that, in spite of the several requests made by residents to your office to issue us prepaid meters, nothing has happened for reasons best known to the IBEDC team.

We think it is good to know that we have compared notes with other communities and we have seen that prepaid meters has been given to many people in other places. We also want to enjoy the same in Kajola and we ask that something should be done to address this matter urgently.

Another thing is that, our electricity lines are always disconnected and residents are forced to pay outstanding electricity bills and fines whenever we refuse to pay our bill in protest against shoddy services. 

Please, it is instructive to note that tr lack of consistent and reliable power supply has become a major problem to our development in Kajola. Small scale businesses are being affected  and this has added to the unemployment rate which has brought serious poverty and hardship to our locality.

As we can all see, businesses such as beauty parlours, welding and others have depended on generators to provide electricity at a higher cost to remain in business. Unfortunately, the customers have to bear the brunt because the businesses that didn’t evolve have been compelled to close shops. The economic damage to the locality has been phenomenal.

Finally, we were told that the supply of power was going to improve during this pandemic, but the kind of power supply we have been experiencing since Covid-19 began has been much more terrible.

These are some of the issues that need to be addressed as a matter of urgency. We are pleading that proactive steps should be taken so as to ensure that the economic and social life of Okeho and her environs will blossom again.

Oseni Ibrahim aka Gallant hails from Okeho, Oyo State. He is a member of the Kajola Youth Forum.


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