Feature: Immoralities in higher institutions- Seen it all?


By Kayode Awojobi


As expected, higher institutions of learning have been the bedrock of greatness in life. Several world changers, influencers, leaders discovered themselves and committed their lives to a cause while they were in a citadel of learning. In recent times, the reverse has been the case, just as I stated years ago in my article “Higher Institution, A Heaven of Commotion”.

It is audible to the deaf and possibly visible to the blind what our various higher institutions of learning have become and the modelling of the self-acclaimed future leaders in this generation. There is great rot in our tertiary institutions and often times, when I hear or read of some of these ignoble cases, it’s always heart shattering. As a concerned Nigerian youth, who has every right to be concerned about the future outlook of this country, it bothers me so much and the saying of Abraham Lincoln of blessed memory, comes to the fore, “the philosophy of one school in one generation would be the philosophy of the next government”.

Without mincing words, laxities have now skyrocketed the various tertiary institutions across the country, even those established by religious bodies have now been found wanting. Institutions of learning where moral values ought to be learnt have become show grounds for countless forms of immoral activities. A trip down memory lane, decency has always been a distinct feature of Africans, as well as a Nigerian.

In recent times, there have being series of ear deafening occurrences which largely centers on immoralities in our various tertiary institutions, ranging from the ‘steady-steady’ saga which happened in Olabisi Onabanjo University, female students seen bartering themselves mercilessly over a guy, who was having illicit affairs with her so called girlfriend’s pal and this eventually resulted to a dirty fight.

To further complement this uncalled for slaps on the faces of our moral values, is the most recent sex video scandal in which students of a respected religious higher institution were involved. The scenario of Babcock University students having intercourse recently went viral and this opened another segment of juvenile delinquency and immoralities that has set our educational sector ablaze.

In the recent past, another set of Edo Polytechnic students were caught having sex in the lecture hall, despite having series of embarrassing and related scenarios the Edo poly students were not deterred in “enjoying themselves”. Unfortunately, sex is considered offensive by the code of conducts governing the school. Many parents and youngsters thought they’ve seen the worst through the “Babcock sex video scandal”.

A related scenario compared to those earlier mentioned is that of the Ibadan Polytechnic students who confronted her mates for having sex with her lover. This particular scenario showed an aggrieved young lady confronting the alleged boyfriend snatcher. These kind of actions by young ladies might validate the saying, at the end of the day, marriage (relationship) is all that matters to a woman.

How do we forget the FUTA bullies so soon, where a set of female students and a male reported to be one of the female’s students ‘school father’ severely beat another female students in her hostel for reportedly exposing their immoralities.

Although the perpetrators of the enlisted scenarios are currently facing the music of their act, but what assurance is there that this will lead to the end of these heart breaking occurrences? Just as stated, “Every freedom has its limitations and the exercise of one’s freedom should not infringe on that of another person”. We sincerely need to be guided by the principles of ethics and morality.

Some school of thought posits that these sex issues and topics had been there over the years but the advent of social media made their news more audible and it resounds in the ears of the citizens. Well, this might not be far from the truth but it is a reflection of the mindset of many youngsters in our nation.

Other renowned vices such as prostitution, cyber fraud, indecent dressing, drug abuse and cultism in Nigerian higher institutions still remain trendy, there is a need for a drastic measures to be taken in order to revamp our nation and the coming generations from this unrepentant pollution which our nation is currently battling with. All of these keep giving the nation a bad name and we keep ranked low in moral values. Unfortunately, these scenarios have become visible within the society.

There is a need for drastic measures to be taken by the government and every other stakeholders in the society, this include parents; the schools and various religious bodies in our nation. The current features of the crop of youngsters being trained is a reflection of the home; this ultimately transpires into the society. Every leaders must lead by copious and meaningful examples. It is left for everyone of us to deliver this nation entirely from this seemly endless mess.


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