Feature: Nigeria needs to have National Monument


Were someone like Obafemi Awolowo standing in next month’s presidential election, he would have plans to build a monument like this to not only revive tourism by also provide a feel good feeling


Ayo Akinfe

[1] Brazil’s Christ the Redeemer Statue
[2] India’s Taj Mahal
[3] Germany’s Brandenburg Gate
[4] San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge
[5] Australia’s Sydney Opera House
[6] Egypt’s Great Pyramid in Giza
[7] New York’s Statue of Liberty
[8] London’s Big Ben
[9] France’s Eiffel Tower
[10] The Great Wall of China

As a people, we need to start building massive edifices like this just to make ourselves feel good. It does a lot for national morale when you unveil architectural masterpieces.

Sadly, nobody is discussing lifting national morale as part of this campaign. Our people need something to give them a lift just as the unveiling of Liberty Stadium, Cocoa House and the Western Nigeria Television Station once did.


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