Feature: Nigeria should alter the Electric Car Market


By Ayo Akinfe


Nigeria should be using the brainstorming sessions ahead of the 2023 elections to come up with plans to radically alter the electric car market.

[1] We appear not to have got the message yet but fossil fuels is old school

[2] As we proceed into the 21st century, mankind simply has to wean himself of fossil fuels like crude oil and coal

[3] With a population of 200m, Nigeria actually has an inbuilt advantage when it comes to producing renewable energy. With waste-to-power for instance, 200m people generate a lot of waste and offer a massive head start

[4] We also have an 853km Atlantic coastline, which offers openings for a solar windmill farm

[5] In the far northern fringes of Nigeria, we are encroaching on the Sahel, with its abundant sunlight that makes solar farms a delight

[6] We should aim to make Nigeria the biggest manufacturer of electric cars globally by say 2035. Our approach should be to woo every single automobile manufacturer on the planet

[7] Electric cars have one drawback though, which we need to address. Filling them up takes about two hours compared with the 10 minutes at the petrol pump

[8] This is where Nigeria needs to steal a march and fill the vacuum. If we come up with a device to enable motorists charge their cars in 10 minutes as they can do at the petrol pumps, we have come up with a licence to print money

[9] Globally, presidential elections are rallying points where debates like this are thrashed out but sadly in Nigeria, our campaign is bereft of ideas. No one is even debating the issues

[10] Just imagine if a company like Innoson Motors manufactures and patents a device that enables you to fill up your electric car within 10 minutes. If Nigeria sold this all around the world, it would end our lazy dependence on crude oil tomorrow


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