Feature: The Coherent Tax Plan needed by the next Nigerian President


By Ayo Akinfe


I look forward to seeing which of the presidential candidates has a coherent tax plan which looks something like this.

[1] Set an income tax revenue target of $50bn by 2030

[2] Forward proposals to the National Assembly introducing a regime whereby no public official will receive more than four times the national minimum wage

[3] Peg the salaries of the president, governors, senators, ministers, commissioners, members of the House of Representatives, state assembly members, etc to grades in the Nigerian civil service

[4] Impose a 60% faith tax on all religious houses

[5] Impose an annual luxury tax on all private jets. This will be 10% of the value of such aircraft

[6] Open tax offices in every marketplace and motor park so retailers and those in the informal sector can pay their income tax at source

[7] Ask everyone of our 774 local government areas to have a Federal Inland Revenue Service (Firs) desk. That way, Firs will reach every nook and cranny of the country

[8] Introduce an Owambe tax on lavish parties. Nigerians spend too much on entertainment. Much more than the nation can afford

[9] Introduce a Foreign Engagement Tax of 40% to be levied on all those parties and events held in places like Dubai, Mauritius and Qatar. Its proceeds are to be invested in the Nigerian hospitality industry

[10] Introduce a medical tourism and foreign education tax for all those getting health treatment and educating their children abroad. This will amount to 10% of their gross expenditure abroad


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