Feature: The Ephemeral nature of Religion and COVID-19 Exposure


By Kayode Awojobi


When many have vowed that nothing can never stop them from worshipping their God in their place of worship, larger percentage already turned their place of worship to their permanent hood. Whereas, countless people derive more joy when they are in their place of worship than anywhere else, but as the situation is right now, has anything changed God from what he used to be? Has heaven fallen or opened up? 

We have not been converging in our different places of worship- either mosques or churches- across the globe  on either Friday or Sunday in the last 2 months. Has the winds seized  twirling and blowing because we didn’t converge?

All these affirm that God remains God and we are the one not serving him appropriately. Conversely, He’s the one serving us with his loving-kindness. Despite a contrary opinion, this assertion will never change God from whom He is, therefore, hold your religious malady which can never add a day to the days assigned to you from the creator.

Ever since we stopped gathering at our place of worship, has God not answered our prayers? Absolutely!  The answers to our prayers is not tided to our place of worship, rather, our relationship with the creator, but majority have been brainwashed from the reality of true religion to the man made version of it. Now that you can’t pay your tithe or your zakat to your usual place of worship has God stopped blessing you? As any of your relative died due to your absence from mosque or church? As he stopped protecting you for not seeing your religious leaders in a week?

Has your child taken ill for not going  to mosque on Friday or church on Sunday?  Has God stopped blessing you because you’ve not knelt down before your religious leaders for laying of hands?
Has your church or mosque collapsed because you didn’t worship in it recently? Absolutely No!

This is to tell us God is God and there’s nothing that we all do that will change His superiority over us, He created us, we didn’t create him; He’s the one protecting, providing and guiding us and nothing that we do will bring all those benevolence to reduction, even with all of our atrocities, He still blesses us more than expected. Is He not wonderful?

Come to think of it, isn’t it funny that Christians couldn’t gather at “Galilee” after the completion of the forty days fasting and prayer and the celebration of Easter; the resurrection of Jesus Christ was celebrated in the confines of our houses and now the Muslim started their thirty days fasting and prayers, now, none can gather at Eid for Eid Fitri mass prayers, isn’t that thought provoking enough?

Had it been Christians were able to converge at the Galilee as usual and the Muslim couldn’t celebrate Eid Fitri as expected, automatically one religion would have been claiming superiority over the other, but God the almighty has shown us that He’s God.

So many occurrences all around the whole world from the inception of COVID-9 has shown that religion is an ephemeral part of life and the way we gather at our various places of worship on daily and weekly basis doesn’t change God from being God. Does that mean our gatherings at our various places of worship is just a social gathering like our usual owambe on Fridays and Saturdays. The response to this, only God knows, as He’s the one that knew the reason why the Psalmist said “I’m delighted when they said we should go to the house of the Lord”.

Whether you like it or not, Coronavirus has shown us that none of our religious leader can be compared to God, as none of them can save us right now, but God in His infinite mercies is saving us all without requesting for a dime.

Peace be unto you, oh ye religious pyschophants.


  1. The coming of corona virus has reflect the true mind set we have about religion, Its obvious most the christains carries the orientation that prayers can only get to God only when we screem and move to the sonorous tune by the choir.
    We even forgot that the bible says “God is spirit and those that worship him must worship Him in spirit.


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