Feature- The Joe-Kamala Inauguration: A New America


By Taiwo Tunkarimu


January 20, 2021 will forever remain significant in the history of America and the world at large. The much awaited day finally came despite all the drama and challenges from campaigning,  election and the Capitol Building Drama.

I became all mushy watching the inauguration as it felt like the most outstanding presidential inauguration so far. The demeanours,  the smiles, the hugs,  cheers, excitement, unity, bonds, emotions, re-unions,  sanity, patriotism,  atmosphere and so much more to say.

I decided to take a few notes from the ceremony which I think is worthy of note and possibly something our leaders not just in government can take a queue from.

1. Despite the destruction at the Capitol building,  Joe Biden still used it for the inauguration ceremony like that. There wasn’t an order to insist on approving one ridiculous amount of money to renovate the place before the swearing in.

2. He started his journey to the White House first at the church, then to lay wreath in honour of his loved ones who had passed away.

3. His level of empathy shows he will be a  caring President. Blankets were provided for attendees of the inauguration to keep them warm.

4. The level of compliance and respect for authorities present on site. They ensured all Covid-19 protocols were in place and enforced it. No crowd of protocols running all over the place, no sirens but a serene atmosphere and you could just feel it watching away from the inauguration ground.

5. Despite all the Capitol building drama, he choose a peaceful transition of power.

6. Even though Trump choose a different procedure to hand over, it was done peacefully without any thug of words.

7. President elect and Vice both wore local American designers for their inauguration.  Promoting their own and home grown brands. This will speak to the growth of their economy and the fashion industry as these two have led by example.

8. The generation of powerful charismatic leaders/presidents present from Bill Clinton, George Bush, Barrack Obama and now Joe Biden. The support and loyalty to one another is something worthy of note.

9. Joe Biden’s pursuit for unity right from the very beginning.

10. The orderliness of the senates, VIPs and all guests in attendance without any Protocol drama. From waiting to confirm their invitations to being ordered to their seats. The level of obedience and compliance even by past Presidents is absolutely incredible.  The level of sanity is very commendable. The formation and grand entry into the Capitol Building without any form of show off or displays.
All of these speak volume to the level of structure and orderliness that will most likely be in place in the next 4 years of Joe and Kamala’s tenure.

I hope this drives a message home and pray that we will one day walk this path in Africa.

Here’s wishing the New President and His Vice a successful tenure and pray that America be great again.

_Taiye Tunkarimu is currently the Coordinator for African Public Relations Association (APRA) and a Marketing Communications expert_


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