Female Gospel Ministers require Great Support System to succeed- Adenola


Bukola Adenola is a Gospel Music Minister, Song-writer, Praise Worship Leader with an Electrifying, Spirit-filled performance. She started singing as a Juvenile Chorister at Union Baptist Church, Ado-Ekiti.


By 2017, she came to limelight when she was invited to perform at Upper Room Baptist Church, Wind of Worship 2017, an annual praise concert.  She recently released her debut album titled “Mowa K’orin”.

The graduate of History and International Studies from the University of Ado-Ekiti now Ekiti State University also has a certificate in French language from Center International De Recherche Et D’etude De Langues in Togo.

The mother of two hails from Iragbiji, Boripe Local Government area of Osun State.

Our correspondent had a chat with her on her foray into music amongst others. Excerpt below-

NewsWings NG: What inspired you to go into gospel music?

BA: Choosing the kind of music to venture into is based on one’s influence, background and calling. I was raised in a godly home, groomed and mentored in the church. The genre of songs I listened to when I was young were mostly Christian songs. When I realized my musical talent and grace, I knew that I would be using my gift for God. My choice was consolidated when several ministers prophesied that God will make me a great gospel singer.

NewsWings NG: Tell us about the themes of your songs?

BA: The themes of my songs include thanksgiving, adoration and gratitude to Almighty God. My songs are also focused on expressing the love of God towards man, reconciling men to God. My songs raise hope in God and remind people of God’s faithfulness.

NewsWings NG: You started as a juvenile choir, what was it like at that time?

BA: My first introduction to music was when I was a juvenile chorister at Union Baptist Church, Ado-Ekiti. There, I was trained on the rudiments of music. Discipline and morals were instilled during those formative years, love for music were etched in me.

You dare not come late for rehearsals. The choir-mistress won’t release you until you sing on the right key and sing your part right. The Baptist Church had various catch-them-young programs. So, from juvenile choir, I moved to Adolescent choir, then to Dominion (Youth) choir. I never knew God was grooming me for what is to come. I just reminiscent on those good old days and I am grateful for the great foundation.

NewsWings NG: What challenges have you encountered since you launched out?

BA: Well, I will summarize my challenges into resources (human, financial and material) and support. Having understood my God’s given vision, the first challenge is getting the right and committed team members who will key into my vision and “journey” along with me.

Some members want immediate gratification, some lacks time management, bad attitude and ethics. Managing them is a challenge.

Gospel music, like other kind of music requires funding. In secular music world, artistes get signed up by a record label who foots the bills. On the other hand, a gospel artiste will seek for inspiration, seek committed band members, book studio rehearsal sessions, production, post-production… unilaterally, and still find time to compose songs and seek God’s face.

It’s hard finding people who want to sow into your life until they see you in limelight. Without support, most visions die before being birthed. However, God has been faithful. He gave the vision and also makes the provision.

NewsWings NG: Who would you likely collaborate with in the New Year?

BA: It will be great collaborating with Evangelist Tope Alabi. I had always wished to work with her. I believe God will make it happen. It will be a thing of joy working with my role model. God has raised the standard and frontier of gospel music through her. I would also like to collaborate with Mr. Olumide Richard, who happens to be my Producer. He is also a great gospel minister.

NewsWings NG: Which famous gospel musicians do you admire?

BA: I admire Mummy Bola Are. She is a gospel legend. Her songs inspire me till date.

I also admire Shola Allyson. No doubt, their songs were divinely inspired and their style resonates with mine.Much adoration for Sinach, Pastor Nathaniel Bassey, Dunsin Oyekan … God has and is still raising gospel music generals who have raised the bars and flag of gospel music high from Nigeria.

NewsWings NG: How do you balance being a wife, mother and a minister?

BA: Being a mother alone is not an easy task, not to talk of playing the three roles together. It has been God that has been helping me. Some days, I feel overwhelmed or burdened with duties at the home front. But, God had also given me a supportive and caring husband, who wants me to succeed at all cost. Sometimes, when I go to minister and he does not accompany me, he stays at home to take care of the kids. He makes me spiritually, psychologically and emotionally prepared for my outings.  I also receive huge support from my sister. I always remind myself that my home is priority and that I must find balance.

NewsWings NG: What would you like to say to your teeming followers?

BA: The message I have for my followers is that they should serve and follow God wholeheartedly. We are created in His image and for His glory. What shall it profit a man if he gains the whole world but loses his soul. I would admonish them not to lose faith in God.

NewsWings NG: What would you be doing right now, if it wasn’t for your music career?

BA: I would still be doing my secular work, as I have professional life. God has called me into Gospel music. Meanwhile, I am working to fund my calling. As time proceeds, I would have to quit my secular work to face music squarely. That is my God’s given vision. The vision is for an appointed time. I can’t wait to face my music career full time.

NewsWings NG: You recently released your debut album, “Mowa K’orin” congratulations on this feat, can you tell us about it?

BA: My debut album is titled “Mowa K’orin” All the songs are powerful and divinely inspired. However, I choose to sing some songs to soothe my mood. However, feedbacks from my followers indicated that they have favourites. Notwithstanding, they love all my songs.

NewsWings NG: What’s next for you and what should we be looking forward to?

BA: I look forward to releasing new songs in the New Year. The songs are titled: Heavenly Lord, Iba, Ite and a Praise medley. My followers should anticipate the release.


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