Fidelity Bank MD, Nnamdi Okonkwo throws soiree for wife at 50


Fidelity Bank MD, Nnamdi Okonkwo certainly knows how to appreciate the good things of life. And the absolute peak of goodness he has climbed to remain his beautiful wife Uche. Since embarking on the never-ending voyage of matrimony with her, Nnamdi has never had cause to regret the permutations of fate that brought him a jewel of inestimable value.


And, esteem her invaluable, he always does. The mother of his children is also the captain of his heart. He dances to her merry tunes and goes out of his way to spread red carpets of ease, smoothing the way for her wherever she walks. He is always ready to tell whoever cares to listen how Uche has held the forte together – the patient nurse, administering healing and loving balms after each day’s exploits in the battlefields of industry.

How does he love her — the ways can’t be counted. But at least one of those ways can be noted down for posterity. When Uche finally crossed the Rubicon of half a century of life, Nnamdi rolled out the drums and dug deep into his sizable pockets to throw a splendid shindig, showing everyone how much she means to him. He buzzed here, there and everywhere, more than happy to be the worker bee doing the queen’s bidding.

The Harbour Point, Victoria Island, Lagos venue of the event was taken over by Nnamdi and Uche’s circle of influential friends and associates. Captains of industry, political bigwigs, walkers and talkers of high halls and high society, distinguished media personalities. The list is endless, and so were the encomiums showered on the celebrant who, for that bright, resplendent day at least, became the mirror by which everyone else measured their own beauty and worth.

An epitome of unparalleled joy and grace, Uche hugged bodies and shook hands, tugging at hearts and captivating minds as she danced merrily while the food and drinks flowed freely. The party lasted long into the wee hours of the night but the guests who had the time of their lives couldn’t believe it has ended when it finally did.

For Uche, and for everyone else, the highlight of the evening belonged to Nnamdi. The grizzled veteran of many a banking war displayed his softer side. Holding a mic with graceful dexterity, he went on to serenade his wife with a soulful ode that moved her to the point of tears


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