Hon. Shina Peller: When Will the Magic Wand become visible?


By Ayobami Adesanmi


It has become a tradition for many Nigerians to vote people into office and not have the opportunity to engage with those that represent them at the various level of governance in the country. This, definitely, does not make them to be accountable to the electorates nor evaluated based on the expectations of the the electorates.

The victory of Hon Shina Peller at the polls to become a member of the hallowed chambers brought so much excitement and rekindled hope to the people of Kajola, Iwajowa, Itesiwaju and Iseyin Federal constituency. We felt assured that, the Messiah which the constituency have always been expecting is here. Prior to the general elections, your philanthropic gestures to all the local governments in the constituency endeared you to everyone.

This assertion may be correct or not, some of the activities, ahead of the electioneering period, included the Peller Unity Cup, donation of boreholes among other series of community empowerment projects.

Although, your constituted obligation in the Chamber is to make laws and sponsor bills, but that doesn’t stop you from contributing handsomely to your constituency, as you promised heaven on earth during the electionering campaign across the four local government, which you’re now representing in the House of Representatives.

However, we know that to some extent, we see you being active within the chamber as you often flood your Instagram handle with series of pictures, and we’ve heard of the bills you’ve sponsored as well, but this seems not to go well with the people you’re representing.

Over the years, the 4-year tenure of elected officers gets exhausted in a jiffy and that’s why we think it’s expedient to start asking questions about the capital project for your constituency within this first year of being in office. Currently, there are no capital projects can be pointed at since your assumption of office. Your heavy reliance social media handles are gallery of beautiful pictures. Permit me to call you the name your people already named you “Instagram Rep”.

Convincingly, people made it known that you’re no longer accessible as you promised to always be during your electionering campaign and your kindness which as expected has reduced, since you’ve gotten what you want from the masses, as they said “O lo ti Eko funwa” you used your exposure as a Lagosian to play on their intelligence.

Dear Honourable Peller, the promises you made are well kept both in record and in the hearts of your people that voted you into the office which you’re right now Without mincing words, your people are eagerly expecting your promised miracles in the nearest possible time, as it is being said, “promise is a debt’.

Honourable Shinaayo Peller, as next month will make it a year that you’ve being representing Kajola, Iwajowa, Itesiwaju and Iseyin Federal Constituency in the House of Representatives, we expect your score card to be full of unprecedented visible achievements to the people of your constituency.

As yoruba will always say, “Oorun t’oku l’oke to aso gbe“. You still have enough time to go back to your manifestoes and redirect your steps, in case you’ve missed it, and show your people you’re truly of the “Olowo idan” scion.

We are glad that you paid a visit to the Minister of Works and Housing, Mr. Babatunde Raji Fashola about the state of the roads around your constituency, we await the results from this visit. We would appreciate you for sponsoring the bill “Sexual Offences Act (Amendment) Bill 2019”
dated 2019-07-18 but what next after this bill?

As youths from your constituency, it would be an understatement to assume that we filled the dividend of democratic governance in the wads of naira shared at any forum but we want people who you are representing to be economically empowered, the resuscitation of moribund federal and state government projects and others.

Dear Honourable, it’s not about posting pictures of you with other members of the House of Reps and celebrities on your social media handles, it is about you representing your people well as delivering on your promises.



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