Justin Bieber drop hints on instagram that he wants a baby with Hailey


Justin Bieber has made it crystal clear that he has baby fever after tying the knot with Hailey Baldwin for a second time just last week.


The singer has taken to Instagram to spam everyone’s feed with a bunch of cute pictures and videos of children alongside comments about wanting his own mini-me at some point in the future.

One post read: “This is something I look forward to :)”, as another featured him speculating about the personality of his future offspring: “Hailey with your attitude and my savage behavior [sic], we are in a world of trouble haha.”

Justin has also been sharing a bunch of vintage shots of himself back in elementary school which is naturally prompting fans to speculate what his own child might look like at a similar age.
Back in April, he and Hailey came under fire for staging an April Fools Day prank that portrayed the 22-year-old as having an ultrasound in hospital.

At the time, they apologized for making light of such a sensitive issue when so many people out there are struggling with fertility problems.


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