Niger remains a no-fly zone to all commercial flights


The Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) has resolved that the Republic of Niger remains a no-fly zone after the coup d’état that took place on July 26, 2023


Among the resolutions adopted during the summit, land and air borders between ECOWAS countries and Niger is also closed.

In retaliation to these measures, the Niger government suspended flights into Nigeria and overflying planes. Furthermore, the Permanent Secretary of the Federal Ministry of Aviation and Aerospace Development issued a directive to the Nigerian Airspace Management Agency (NAMA) on August 2, 2023. This directive instructed NAMA to issue a Notice to Airmen (NOTAM) effective from August 3, 2023, enforcing the no-fly zone on all commercial flights between Niger and Nigeria.

As of 0600 UTC on August 3, 2023, aircraft departing from or arriving at aerodromes within the Niamey Flight Information Region (FIR-Nigerien Airspace) were prohibited from entering Kano FIR until further notice.

Following standard procedures, the NOTAM transitioned into an Aeronautical Information Circular (AIC) on January 29, 2024. The AIC reiterated the suspension of all commercial flights between Niger and Nigeria, as well as flights overflying Nigeria to Niger. However, certain exemptions were outlined, including over-flight aircraft passing through Niger airspace, aircraft in a state of emergency, and special flights. It is important to note that special flights require authorization from the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Aviation and Aerospace Development.

It is crucial to highlight that the suspension of flights can only be lifted by the Honourable Minister of Aviation and Aero Space Development as approved by the Presidency and ECOWAS.

The Nigerian Airspace Management Agency remains committed to ensuring the safety and security of airspace users, in compliance with international regulations and directives.


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