Opinion: Hon. Akeem Mustapha: What next after Semovita?


By Ayobami Adesanya


How time flies, today makes it exactly a year that Hon Akeem Mustapha was sworn-in as the honourable representing Kajola State Constituency at the Oyo State House of Assembly after defeating Hon. Olawale Ojeleye your major opponent with a very slim margin. It’s a thing of joy as you’ve used a yearly completely as a lawmaker in the Oyo State House of Assembly.

Just as you said in an interview on Impact Business Radio, Ibadan, in 2019, that the major responsibility expected of the legislative arm of government is to make laws and perform the oversight function on the executive and possibly the judiciary. Without mincing words, you’re right with this assertion as you are elected to sponsor bills that would make life better for your constituents and the state in general.

Dear Honourable, as the chairman House Committee on Science, Technology and Energy, your constituents look forward to the visibility of Science and Technology related projects in your constituency and help bring varying Energy related projects into limelight.

I know it is not new to you that the people you are representing are living in shortage of electricity which is seriously affecting the economy of the local government in general. We need your intervention in this regards. As often said, ‘Aa ki leni ni’mosan, ka mu kikan”. I believe you can use your office to restore good electricity back to Kajola, but it is quite unfortunate that after spending a year in office, you’ve not done anything that has to do with this, or maybe it is unknown to the people.

In the same vein, the satellite campus of Oyo State College of Health Science and Technology in Okeho also needs your adequate attention. Definitely, a full fledged tertiary institution will positively impact on the economy situation of the local government at large.

The deplorable state of the Okeho General Hospital which has been mentioned earlier in the year needs your help. The hospital is at its lowest ebb, your constituents also need a very functional hospital to reduce the cases of untimely and needless deaths in the local government.

Another laudable project that the people of the local government still look up to you is the completion of Okeho Dam, which was started by Oyo State Agricultural Development Programme ( OYSADEP), a rural based agricultural development outfit established by Oyo State Edict 8 of 1989. The dam which is expected to provide 0.818 million cubic meters is still not functional till date.

With your position, you can make the people of Kajola laugh again and if this is done, your name would be surely written in gold, just as you’re the first person to move a motion which has to do with the Moniya/Iseyin road which is currently undergoing reconstruction and sincerely, with this, you deserve some accolades.

Prior to when you marked your 100 days in office, you gave out loans to people of Kajola Local Government and you also gave out first aid boxes to all the secondary schools in the local government, but we still look forward to more laudable projects.

As we know you’ve sponsored motions personally and you’ve as well co-sponsored motions as well, just as the kidnapping Prohibition law of 2016, which you and other lawmakers called for its adoption by the state government in order to put an end to kidnapping and other criminal activities in Oyo, Ibarapa, Oke-Ogun and other border towns of Republic of Benin.

It’s obvious you put the love of your people at heart and by extending your hands of love to the 11 wards across the local government through the distribution of food items to the people is also a sound accomplishment, but this cannot last long like a capital project which will still be available after your tenure in office, because the food items you shared for the people already finished and they’re asking, after Semovita, what next?

Just as it has become a tradition for many Nigerians to vote people into office and not have the opportunity to engage with those that represent them at the various level of governance in the country. This, definitely, does not make them to be accountable to the electorates nor evaluated based on the expectations of the electorates.

The 4-year tenure of elected officers gets exhausted in a jiffy and that’s why we think it’s expedient to start asking questions about the capital project for your constituency within this first year of being in office. Currently, there are no capital project can be pointed at since your assumption of office.

Hon. Mugaty, as today marks a year that you’ve been elected into the office, we expect your score card to be full of unprecedented visible achievements to the people of your constituency. We know you’re capable sir, that is why the people of Kajola elected you in, we expect more fro. you as you begin a another political year as a lawmaker.

Just as you said during the celebration of your 100 days in office, held at Okeho town hall, that “you will not relent in resuscitating programmes to drive out poverty turmoils and will not disappoint the good people of Kajola, we hope all this will turn to reality before the end of your tenure. The expectation of the people are high and I’m very sure you won’t want to let them down, not even for a day, but it seems, the hope of the people is dwindling gradually.

Congratulations on your one year in office and we wish you great success, but after Semovita, what next?


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