PROF LÁYÍ EGÚNJOBÍ: A Quintessential Òkèògùn Patriot


By Pastor Favour Adewoyin


Popular people and achievers are best called or addressed by their names without titles. So, bàbá will permit me to break all protocols to call him LÁYÍ EGÚNJOBÍ.

LÁYÍ EGÚNJOBÍ is 82 years old today, but he appears younger and the sharpness of his voice, his reasoning ability, his logical presentation ability and his painstaking thoroughness when discussing issues can qualify him for a sixty years old man.

An Emeritus Professor of the Premier University, the University of Ibadan from the Faculty of Urban and Regional Planning, LÁYÍ EGÚNJOBÍ is a man of many parts to different people. He is teacher/lecturer to many, a resource person to others, a town planner to so many people, a leader, a father, a mentor and a strong Òkèògùn patriot who has used the best of his time, talent and treasure to serve humanity and is still serving.

There is no much time to write about this great man from Ìlàjì-Òkè near Òkehò under Kájòlà Local Government Area of Ọ̀yọ́ State; but, to know more about him, I like to recommend three of his books to us:

  1. Living For A Purpose – a biography complied by Káyọ̀dé Samuel and Ayọ̀bọlá Akwarandu.

The biography was written by 39 individuals who documented their views about the man of the hour,
LÁYÍ EGÚNJOBÍ, to celebrate his 70 years on planet earth in 2010.

  1. Fulfilling The Purpose – My Story At Eighty by LÁYÍ EGÚNJOBÍ.

This is an autobiographical work which captures the life of LÁYÍ EGÚNJOBÍ from beginning to when he celebrated his 80 years on earth.

  1. Oke-Ogun in Regional Development by LÁYÍ EGÚNJOBÍ.

This book captures his passion for Òkèògùn and, as a indigene of Òkèògùn, whose love should be to know about his or her region, it is a must to have this book and the first two books I mentioned above because both of them also contains Òkèògùn’s story and how to move her to greater heights.

The third book is ‘a compilation of seminar papers, public lectures, contributions in symposia, keynote addresses and other commissioned papers in Oke-Ogun’ that were presented at different fora by our own LÁYÍ EGÚNJOBÍ.

Let me say that I knew LÁYÍ EGÚNJOBÍ for a long time, but I was not close to him and he didn’t know me. He knew me few months ago, precisely when I presented what happened in the General meeting of ODCF that held in Ìṣẹ́yìn few years ago. But, within that time and now, I have learnt and gained a lot from this great man that has made it look as if we have been together for years.

Before I drop my pen, I will like to add that, today, LÁYÍ EGÚNJOBÍ has mentored many great men and women who are successful in their different professions and callings in different places on the earth.

One thing I knew about him had been that there was and is no time that young people were and is not living with him at one time or another.

Another good thing to celebrate about LÁYÍ EGÚNJOBÍ is his love for God in a more deeper and practical way. He is not someone who speaks about without doing what is written in the Word of God. He is a doer and practitioner of the Word and he has no patience for hypocrisy and pretenses of religion that many people profess, confess and live by.

Then, I cannot but mention that he is a homely man who loves family. Always acting like Romeo and Juliet with his wife, Chief Mrs. Nike Egúnjọbí, who is also an Òkèògùn woman from Sakí Ògún-Ọ̀rọkin Àgbẹ̀dẹ́ ọ̀ rò bàbà, LÁYÍ EGÚNJOBÍ is always at home to add value to the home-front at all time. His relationship with his wife, his children, his mentees and the extended family members is worthy of emulation by the upcoming generation.

Finally, I want us to celebrate this great man of the moment because the best way to celebrate an individual is when he or she is still alive.

To this end, I suggest that those who can afford to buy any or all of his books that I mentioned above should show interest by reaching out to me. I don’t know the price of each of the books now, but I will contact him to let us know the price soon.

Once again, I pray that LÁYÍ EGÚNJOBÍ lives long in peace, joy, wellness and prosperity for many more years to celebrate hundred years plus to provide leadership for Òkèògùn till we achieve his and the dream of many of them for our community.

A ó ma ri yín bá láṣẹ Èdùmàrè.


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