The Sad Tales from Long Bridge on Lagos-Ibadan Expressway


The Lagos Ibadan Expressway have became a perennial project that various administrations have spent billions of Naira to see it through. At the moment, the project seems to be nearing completion towards the Lagos end and it has brought a lot of untold hardship on the commuters who ply this road.


Before the lockdown of movement and ban on interstate travel, the residents on the adjoining communities in Ogun State that works in Lagos State held series of meetings with the various agencies responsible for the fixing of the road on the maintenance of law and order.

With the introduction of the interstate restrictions, the road which had been in a bad shape have also been manned by law enforcement officers. The officers there made barricades on the stretch of the road and the usually travel on the Long Bridge which should not take more than 15 minutes now run into hours. This is dependent on the time of the day when one gets on the bridge.

Despite the presence of the police officers, who are attached to the expressway in order to guide and protect the road users, the road have always been a hotspot for hooligans who have robbed innocent people of their valuables and many lives have been lost due to the delay.

One of the recent unpalatable incident happened on Wednesday, 24th June 2020 when vehicles were vandalised at about 10am at the middle of the long bridge.

This made commuters on the road to call for the suspension of hawking on the bridge whenever there is traffic jam.

As exclusively gathered by News Wings NG, not less than five vehicles were robbed and vandalized on the long bridge and the police attached to this place couldn’t do anything to avert this unbecoming scenario that is almost becoming a norm on the express.

The residents of these adjoining communities believes that  the roadblock mounted by the police should be removed in order to stop the unwarranted traffic jam on that stretch of the road under the pretence of ban on interstate travel. The current state of traffic gridlock is on the highside and hoodlums are taking advantage of this ugly situation.

People have recommended that, the model of security monitoring and patrol  on the Third Mainland Bridge of Lagos should be adopted for this area also. If Policemen are located at strategic points on the bridge, the safety of the road users will be better guaranteed.

Similarly, others called for the disbandment of the barricades put in place by the Policemen at Sparklight u-turn so as to allow the free flow of traffic after the checkpoint at Mowe, which is some few kilometres away. 

As this incident keeps increasing on a daily basis, then, it’s high time the authorities concerned took drastic steps towards doing restoring security to the long bride.

The commuters urged the government must to address the issues on this stretch of the road and fast-track the completion of the project in order to safe the lives and properties of the road users.

However, on Friday evening, 26th June, two bandits were apprehended on the bridge by a deployment of policemen from the Warewa Police Division. It was said that the hoodlums wanted to attach a vehicle, but on sighting the police, they attempted to abscond but they were apprehended by the police. The security of the Long Bridge must be decisively addressed by all stakeholders for the comfort of Nigerian travellers.


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