Tribute: Ajimobi’s demise cannot be likened to that of Abacha


By Kayode Awojobi


When you said Ajimobi was wicked, what then has delayed you from rejoicing publicly over the demise of the wicked one? Akin to when General Sani Abacha gave up the ghost, it was a moment of jubilation all across the nation, as many Nigerians couldn’t hide their joy.

However, this question you begged for an answer, “was Abacha truly wicked?” The answer cannot be far-fetched, your personal experiences with him will surely determine your response. Some other factors that will come into play would include some hearsay and rumours from people around, media publications amongst others. Then I will like to know, was Senator Abiola Ajimobi a wicked soul? Whether yes or no, remember you can never be good to everyone.

When the death of Ajimobi was earlier  rumoured a week ago,  the internet wnet agog while it was indeed a bad news to some people, most especially immediate family and loved ones.  While the other hand, it was a good news to some set of people, as they see his death as the affirmation of the usual saying “What you sow, you’ll reap”.

Without mincing words, Ajimobi’s demise was a right death at the wrong time, as this happened be the time when he should be enjoying what he has laboured for as a political jinx breaker who contributed a lot to the making of the modern Oyo state and as a politician who is always at the forefront.

Indeed, Ajimobi’s death is indeed a great minus to Nigeria at large and getting a replacement might be a herculean task. Just as I’m of different personalities to different people, so is Abiola Ajimobi and so you equally are, and we cannot be a saint or messiah to everyone, not even our family members.

To some, Ajimobi is a messiah and many referred to him as a crook who doesn’t respect anyone not even God, such is life and how we met it. But it is Ajimobi today, we never can tell who will be tomorrow and days after.  Ajimobi did everything to  the best of his ability, and as he once said, “you cannot be in the kind of position I am without offending people”, this cleared the air and it established the fact that Ajimobi was aware he offended a lot of people. While many benefited from him as well, but as for you, what will people say of you after your demise.

If death had accepted money or other materials, many would have given it to him. But, death doesn’t accept bribe.

If you like, continue to count the achievement of late Ajimobi from now till thy kingdom come; those who didn’t see the side of your own drum will not sing along with you.

The only fact that remains sacrosanct is that the late former Governor has come and gone. Throwing stones at his corpse cannot change anything. Cutting your flesh to show how you loved him is will be hejikol

Ajimobi, you are an achiever, a jinx breaker and visionary leader who liberated Oyo State from the realm of thuggery, backwardness, dirts and insecurity

Akanji, you have done your bit with every single position you attained even though no one is perfect .

To the beloved wife, don’t grieve for Akanji now, because he’s free, he has followed the path God laid for him, he has took God’s hand when he heard the call, your darling husband and father of your children has turned his back and left it all.

To the children left behind, your father has not died. Afterall, he came, he served and he succeeded.

Akanji, Abiola Ajimobi, orun dede ma kanju, gbogbo wa la n bo. “


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