Vox Pop: Should Churches shut down their online outlets as churches will soon be opened?


All the states across the Federation have started opening up all the religious worship centres to their residents. As churches in Lagos and Ogun States would resume worship soon, our correspondents went out to seek the opinion of people to know if the online channels used by churches during the lockdown should be shut down or continued.


Herein below are the excerpts-

“Before the total close of church we clamoured for online services and here we have it. So people that prefer online churches will stay by it and those that want the physical services will go for their worship too”
– John Ogedengbe

“No they should not. Some people can’t or won’t want to go to church. It is not totally safe yet particularly for the elderly and the children”
-Oladunni Ogunleye

“No, not everyone is ready to return to the physical church”
– Precious Ajunwa

“They shouldn’t because that is the new normal and will also help the church to reach out more to people. Those who are reluctant to come to church or yet to be saved will still be reached. Tech is the future of the world we live in”
-Oluwaseun Ojebisi

“Well, I think they should only close up their virtual outlet when normalcy is restored.
Let’s face it, even if churches open now, there are still rules they have to adhered to. Some of these rules would affect certain set of people like the aged, children, pregnant women and people with underlying illness that won’t be able to attend physical church.
Therefore, virtual churches are the only means for these set of people to attend service.”
-Bukola Awe

“They should consider the fact that services are restricted for the elderly and young ones. Moreover there are other people who are waiting a vaccine or cure before they begin any kind of gathering.
Virtual Services have been in existence before this whole pandemic but not many people have embraced it but the whole lockdown crisis just created wider visibility and usage.”
-Olabisi Johnson

“Should banks close up their #easybanking systems or e-branches because they are opened? No! This way when people are faraway they can still listen to sermons from their favorite pastors”
– Ekiomo

“No they shouldn’t. It can always serve as an option for those that wouldn’t make it to church sometimes.”
-Tosin Akinfolarin

“Closing up the virtual outlet shouldn’t be seen as an option but instead, be seen as an opportunity to reach out to people in a global way.”
-Opeoluwa Omotade

“No… Looking at the resolve, 50% less… the other 50% will fellowship virtually.”

“No, the reason being that, not everyone would be be at attendant maybe because of distance and some surrounding situations but with the help of technology,you can easily watch and join the service online session and patriotic citizens that knows the right thing to do when sick or has symptoms of the widespread pandemic can be on isolation and still join the service without causing harm to the society”
-Glory Adeleye

“It’s the right thing to do. Online church is good but real church is *gooder*😁. Online church is very relevant for people that are very far from church locations of their choice and is also key in end-time evangelism.”
-Tayo Adesuyi



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