Bàtà mi á dún koko kà: A biography of Nike by Kofo Adeleke set for launch on December 19



Kofo Adeleke’s title “Bàtà mi á dún koko kà” is a phrase from the Yoruba tribe of Nigeria used in describing the lifestyle and status of learned individuals in the society, It was general knowledge that graduates from Universities make up the largest percentage of the successful population in Nigeria (at that time), However this period was when Chief Nike Okundaye gained global recognition, won several awards for her work as an artist, and taught at various institutions in the United states with no formal education. She currently has galleries in various parts of Nigeria such as Lagos, Abuja, Ogidi and Osogbo which comprises of over 7000 artworks and also offers free training to young artists.

“I have more things that make me happy than those that put me off. I keep working and one of my philosophies is to have a gallery where young artists, creative people and visitors can meet and express their talents.” Chief Nike Okundaye

Chief Nike Okundaye’s happy aura makes it seem unthinkable that she has had her fair share of struggles on her journey to artistic excellence, nevertheless, Nike didn’t have it easy and that is one of the reasons she dedicates her resources to helping talents in Nigeria.

The book launch births the opportunity to share the story of Nike Twins Seven Seven (as she was fondly called) with the world, how a woman rose above poverty and wrong preconceived notions of being a female artist. Her story has been undervalued for far too long!

It is therefore, befitting and admirable that Chief Diana Chen, chairman of Choice International Group who founded the Diana Chen Foundation is the host for the book launch, which will take place at the Choice International Building on the 19th of December 2020. Diana Chen has consistently been invested in the African Culture as she rightly values the heritage and incessantly seeks to contribute to the growth and development of various sectors. Chief Diana has used her voice severally to lead discussions on how to change the African Narrative and present the continent in a better light.

Chief Diana Chen’s stand with the Del-York Creative Academy, her comments at the global Capital strategy session 2019 in Nigerian Stock Exchange, her generous donations to the security and health sectors amidst others show that she has a track record of commitment and support to Nigeria, Chief Diana’s involvement with Nike Twins Seven Seven in the support of her book launch is not just a continuation of this testament but an indication that Chief Diana resonates with the story of Chief Nike Okundaye, and everything she represents. As an international entrepreneur domiciled in Nigeria, hosting this book launch for Chief Diana is a gesture to call on the Nigerian youth to draw from the story of perseverance and resilience of Mrs Nike Okundaye and reach for self-inspiration geared towards success even in the face of a fierce pandemic and a global economic meltdown.

This partnership can be likened to square pegs and square holes, this suitability spurs us on to further declare the works of a great artist whose story has been accurately narrated by Kofo Adeleke.

We are honoured to be heralds and we hope it serves as a source of Inspiration to the creative youths in Africa.


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