Book Review- Adeoti: Motivating Nigerian Youths with an Understanding of their peculiarities


Author: Adeola ‘Mide’ Adeoti


Title: The Portable Handbook for Purposeful Living

Pagination: 139 pages

Year of Publication: 2020

Reviewer: Professor Dakas CJ Dakas SAN

The book by Adeola Adeoti addresses very profound issues about the youths in Nigeria and Africa at large with an understanding of their pecularities from other youths across the globe. The book which has 10 chapters spanning over a hundred pages is a book to reckon with for those who are just starting life up till the mid-career level. One of the striking things about this book is that it opens with a very profound quotation attributed to Mark Twain which goes thus; “The two most important days in a man’s life is the day you were born and the day you discover why you were born.”

First, the day you were born, is something you cannot control – the date, the day, etc. We only live through life based on what were told about the day we were born, but none of us can say that this is definite. So as important as it is, it’s not the most important. What is more important is discovering why you were born. Because the discovery of why you were born is at the heart of living a life of purpose. It is very delightful that the author opens the chapter with this quotation. When it comes to living a life of purpose, it’s not about how long but how well. 

The author pens down throughout all the chapters of the book about what it really means to live a life of purpose. Reading this book will not only lead you on the path of purpose, but will help you take the necessary actions that will help you live a life of purpose.

Through the chapters of the book, the author provides a compass about how to navigate the life that we live to fulfill the purpose why we were born. In every chapter, the author provides prompts which are series of questions that would help you to understand how and whether you are living a life of purpose. She also provides very profound quotations and affirmations which are positive statements  that will move you from the point of lamentations to the life of purpose – because at this point you’re speaking from an intentional perspective.

The book is not only portable in the sense that it is handy, but it contains some vital points that can be quickly digested by the reader.

The author, Adeola Aramide Adeoti is an alumna of the University of Ilorin with 2nd Class Upper Honours in History. She is a graduate member of the Nigerian Institute of Management as well as a certified project manager by the International Project Management Professionals. Adeola runs an inspirational and lifestyle blog at where she shares divinely inspired tips on how to live a truly impactful life.

The Portable Handbook For Purposeful Living is her first book and it speaks volume to the quality of her thoughts and other books that is expected from her stable.

I recommend this book to youngsters up to the mid-career level as this will open their eyes to what purposeful living in a country like Nigeria is.

Professor Dakas CJ Dakas SAN (rtd) is the former Attorney General of Plateau State and Former Dean, Faculty of Law, University of Jos.


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