Electricity: An Unavailable Basic Amenity in Okeho


In the past, electric bulbs have work to do virtually all year round because Okeho was renowned to have good supply of electricity but this is becoming history as the town currently is experiencing acute shortage of electricity in the last few years.


Without any form of prejudice, the acute shortage of electricity have been one of the major challenges confronting Okeho, and this has stunted the economic growth and development of the town when compared to other major towns within Oke-Ogun.

Asides agriculture, which is now impeded, the populace in the town and the local government in general rely solely on the electricity to do their daily artisan jobs, such as weldering, sawmilling, baking and host of other lucrative jobs which require electricity supply.

The shortage of electricity supply, which is being experienced, has brought a huge set back to the economic fortunes of Okeho as there has been a spike in the cost of production.  Inversely, the consumers/customers have to pay for it because of the hike in the prices of items dependent on electricity. Entrepreneurs now have to expend a lot of money on petrol, and this has increased the financial burden on the people of the local government in general.

Recently, the charges of Ibadan Electricity Distribution Company, the supplier of electricity in Oyo State, can be said to be  exploiting the people of the Local Government. Residents of the Okeho and environs hardly enjoy the electricity they paid for. The current supply of electricity in the town is not more than 12 hours in a week.

Unfortunately, each households is still billed about 3,000 naira monthly, for the electricity which they’re not enjoying as expected. It took a lot of efforts by the youths of the community to negotiate with the DISCO  before electrical charges of households without metre was reduced to 1,800 monthly

To this end, we hereby call on IBEDC,  to do all that is necessary concerning the supply of electricity in Okeho, Kajola Local Government and environs, at large. Neighbouring local government areas, such as Iseyin, Itesiwaju, Saki are enjoying electricity supply to a very large extent compared to that of Okeho.

Equally, we are also calling on the state government to play it’s own part towards turning shortage of electricity in Kajola Local Government, Oyo state to a thing of the past. We are inundated with challenges which include poor roads, poor water supply, inadequate health facilities amongst others.

Unfortunately, other dividends of democracy which has been promised to the local government are not forthcoming over the years, worthy of note is the Oyo State College of Health Technology promised by the former Governor, Abiola Ajimobi has not commenced operation since it was said in 2015.

Kayode Awojobi


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