Feature: GTCO Food and Drink Fair Championing Food Tourism in Nigeria


Today is a good day for African food.


Food is a common denominator across races and continents. It is one of the things that brings people today. Every gathering that has item 7 elicits joy. For Africans, meal times are precious; some grew up in a large families where children sit together to eat from big bowls while some gather around the dinner table. Recently, food festivals have become a big deal celebrating every fancy and interest.

Food festivals are a great way to learn about a country. Well, you get the opportunity to mingle with the locals, learn the taste and culture of the country, try some of the best local delicacies and experience other treats from the ones you have always had. Food festivals also serve as a great way to enhance the travel experience by teasing your taste buds with gastronomical delights that you have not savoured before.

The GTCO Food and Drink Fair in Lagos, Nigeria, has been a reference point for food enthusiasts across cultures, races and nationalities. The brand has championed food tourism, with many culinary explorers making trips in and out of visiting GTCentre for the highly branded, large-scale annual festival.

It attracts celebrity chefs from across the globe; Nigerian food processing companies all give the 3-day event an unparalleled learning experience to everyone who cares to participate in the fair.

The event is a family funfair, the adults and children have all they desire, ranging from scrumptious delicacies to lip-smacking drinks, amongst others. 

Also, the dedicated play zone for the children makes it a fun-filled memorable experience for them. In the last six years, the fair has kept the tradition of making connoisseurs happy and filled to the gills with discerning palates and an appetite for gourmet cooking.

Everyone who takes time to attend the fair can meet good people, explore food from different tribes, and have a good time as a whole. The fair brings together the various gourmets’ sights, sounds, smells, and tastes.

There is an atmosphere of entertainment and party at this fair, and it truly showcases the lifestyle and culture of the country. Thousands of people throng this food festival every year, and it has become an a-list event on the social calendar of Nigerians.


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