Feature- Revd John Adegoke Okesina Okesiji: A Courageous Soldier


By Tim Amosun


The news of Baba’s home call was received amidst pains and jubilations. Pains because we shall miss him greatly here on earth. Yes, jubilations because he has returned to his maker, God, to whom all Souls shall return.

The most High God deserves our appreciation and praises for a life well spent by Baba, Revd. John Adegoke Okesiji. He has done the best he could in the service of God and humanity.

Baba was a focused man. He was sacrificial and hardworking. His simplicity and passion for results was special and notable. He was reserved, courageous and easy to get along with. He pastored and mentored many. He was used to make and shape many lives.

As a patriotic and loyal indigene of Okeho, he contributed immensely to the growth and development of the town among which are the composition of Okeho Anthem. He contributed financially and demonstrated commitment to the building of both Okeho Community Town Hall and Okeho General Post Office. He was instrumental to the asphaltic tarring of Lafihan-Rest House Road by the Oyo State Government. Baba contributed to the construction of Ultra Modern Onjo’s Palace in Okeho. Reverend Adegoke was a community development Exponent. He was said to be the first to have a degree in Theology training from Okeho which he obtained in 1963.

I went to greet Baba during the Okeho Centenary celebration in October 2017. Baba cracked few jokes and ended our discussion by saying “Tim, egbon David Ambee was very energetic and people oriented man. Do you resemble him in that regard”? Baba Okesiji was loving, caring and enthusiastic a man.

Revd. John Okesiji was popularly known and addressed as Baba Oloke meje but it is actually mejo. Baba’s name was Adegoke and Okesina. His father’s name was Okesiji. He worked at Oke-Isokun Baptist Church, Oke-Isoko Baptist Church, Ori-Oke Baptist Church, Okelerin Baptist Church and Baba also hailed from Okeho.

In death, we shall not be remembered for the houses we built, the cars we bought and the currencies in our various Bank accounts. Rather, the lives we touched, influenced, motivated and mentored shall count. Baba will always be remembered for his selfless service.

It is my own prayers that God will comfort the family, friends, the people of Okeho and the Christian fold among whom he meritoriously served and retired honourably before his home call!

We love Baba but God does more. Good night to a courageous Soldier!



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