Feature: Tinubu needs to address the National Carrier matter urgently


By Ayo Akinfe


Tinubu needs to make addressing this national carrier matter an urgent priority because apart from the prestige of it, the economics show that our people are being ripped off by foreign airlines.

Among the things that make you proud as a sovereign nation are:

[1] Having an operational national carrier

[2] Owming a national automobile company that can compete on the global stage with the likes of Toyota, Ford, Peugeot, Citroen, or say Daewoo, Lada, Skoda and Proton

[3] Having your own locally manufactured battle tanks that can match the likes of the Abrams, Challenger, Merkava or T-90

[4] Having an urban underground metro network in your capital city

[5] Possessing a healthcare system that can cater for all ailments. People should only have to travel abroad for rare specialist treatment

[6] Owning at least one aircraft carrier. Every country has a vessel known as “The pride of the navy.” These days that is an aircraft carrier. Nigeria desperately needs one to patrol the Niger Delta to combat arms smuggling and crude bunkering

[7] Your public officials should be able to confidently travel about by public transport

[8] You should be able to provide 24 hour non-stop electricity supply 365 days a year

[9] You should have the ability to attract tourists. People should feel safe to travel to your country without knowing anyone there

[10] Every serious nation must possess a manufacturing capability that enables it to produce its own steel, machine tools and finished goods in-house

For me, these are basic criteria that a country should meet before it can be declared a nation state. Were independence being granted today, only those that could meet these criteria should be allowed to become independent.

Some nations are just too small, weak, impoverished and unviable to stand alone. They should be merged with their larger neighbours to enable them realise their potential.


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