Nigerian singer Tiwa Savage has been spotted kneeling to greet media personality VJ Adams


Tiwa Savage kneels to greet OAP after public clash with TV presenter Charles Anazodo. The singer was spotted in a video going on her kneels to greet days after she had a clash with a presenter who accused her of not greeting him


TV presenter Charles Anazodo had called her out on social media, claiming that she snubbed him some days ago, a television presenter Charles Anazodo took to social media to call out Nigerian singer Tiwa Savage accusing her of snubbing him when she visited a radio station for an interview. Anazodo had claimed that Savage snubbed him when she passed by him without greeting. However, Savage replied to him, saying that she had been in a hurry and she could not greet anyone at the time.

In another response to the Twitter clash, the singer was spotted in a recent video going on her knees to greet media personality, VJ Adams.

VJ Adams shared the video on his Instagram page. In the video, he was heard laughing with Tiwa Savage after she went on her knees. On his post, VJ Adams also took an indirect swing at Savage’s accuser, saying they said she does not greet.


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