Opinion- Mother’s Day: Whose mother is a witch?

Culled from Grammarly

By Kayode Awojobi


To all mothers around the world, from the sanctum sanctorum of Africa, we wish you Happy Mother’s Day, despite the ravaging pandemic around the world.

While many have started celebrating their mothers as the best in the whole universe, none have celebrated his or her mother as the worst in the whole world or even as a witch. Without mincing words, some mothers are real witches, and this is likely known to their wards, but who will ever proclaim to the world that his or her biological mother is a witch?  Funny enough, some of these mothers joined fraternities basically for their childrens protection from the evil ones or to guarantee their successes in life, whereas this is unknown to the children.

As we celebrate this mother’s day, I will also mention that some mothers are responsible for the problems in some persons lives, despite being known to people around them, none can refer to her publicly as a witch. But some mothers are real witches.

While many have neglected their mothers for their wrong deeds from ages past, some still harken to the love of their mothers in spite of being labelled as a evil doer, but should we call this people evil perpetrators, as well, for loving their mothers for the sake of motherhood?

To some as well, their mothers are the cause of the unbearable situation they are currently facing in life, despite this, they still celebrate their mothers for being the best on this auspicious day.

Just as recorded in Proverbs, “Her children arise up and called her blessed and her husband also praiseth her”, is this applicable to all the mother’s across the world or a minute part of them?

May God continue to comfort those that already lost their mothers to the world and to death. May God continue to love those that never felt the impact of a mother in their life for once. May God restore those whose mothers are witches and may our mothers not be a witches, rather a wise mother!

Someone once said “All women can be mothers but not all women should be mothers.”

Happy Mother’s Day to the real mothers!


  1. Happy mothers day to mothers and intending mothers around the world


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