VOX Pop: What Nigerians said about the lockdown orders of PMB


Nigerians from all walks of life and discipline have expressed their mind about the lockdown of the Federal Capital Territory, Lagos and Ogun States because of the dreaded Coronavirus Pandemic by President Muhammadu Buhari. Our Correspondent, Kayode Awojobi got their viewpoints to the orders people who hold it will bringforth the desired results-

This curfew can reduce the transferring of the disease. This curfew can’t stop our leader from travel. Our leaders are the ones who will find it difficult to abide to this order and this disease has largely affect majority of them.

Peter Akinteye

To every problem, there are some measures of solutions that can be implemented, whether drastic, palliative, curative, etc. The FCT, Lagos and Ogun States were partially locked down even before the President’s broadcast. Although, it was a wise and expected decision. He said cash transfer and relief material would be sent to areas around (satellite and commuter towns and communities) those areas. What of those at the heart of the city? Can’t he help them with MONEY & FOOD as well? Even though he is also in isolation now, and since he was tested negative to the pandemic, the VP can intellectually chair and handle the Presidential Task Force combating the virus.

Praise Ojetunde

PMB’s speech is definitely long due as Nigerians have had to wait longer than desired to get a relief message from the nation’s President. However, the speech has dropped at the right time and of course the content of the speech are very much welcomed, provided there are measures to follow them up properly. In regards to the lockdown, it is also a shutdown of commercial  activities n these major cities, I feel like the containment process can gain more success. Taking China into consideration as the originating nation of the virus, which have been able to curtail the whole thing to the event where they no longer have any new case, obeying the curfew as directed by the office of the president in these cities can see us achieve this kind of success too. I will conclude by saying that the populace can only try to conform with the government policy one hundred if the government of their own part provide relief material that would make life meaningful for it citizen at times like this.

Atobatele Damilola

CEO Richardschrome.blogspot.com

It’s good step…A brave decision from his excellency, those state are not just anyhow state, but humanity first, let’s just forget about the potential loss

Damilare Adebiyi

Considering the presidential order to restrict movement in the three selected states can be view as a sense of security and an a protective edge to some extent, because the first case was discovered in Lagos with the victim driver been from Ogun state, who was also reportedly claimed to resides in Ogun, the second stance is that Lagos hit the highest case report in Nigeria today and is geographically encompassed by the boundaries of Ogun state, which means there is a large traffic of human and vehicular movement between the two states.

If we deeply preview the potentials of this containment measure, no Nigerian will ever pray for the devastating effect of Covid-19 as it is currently in Italy, U.S.A, France. We shouldn’t expect all convenience since we the action is to “fight against” the virus, the groaning will be more, personal loss will be ceaseless, national debt will speak in it loudest voice, our economy will be isolated with us. There might be recession, but according to the word of the president, it is all the sacrifice we all need to pay.

Akinlolu Olaolu

It’s either they’ve made available the required measures to contain the adverse effects of the so called COVID-19 or they ordered the lockdown so as to say, the President at least, said something

Ayokunmi Ayorinde

I think the best they could do for now. However, it is crystal clear that is going to affect our economy, but the truth is that our Life is very important. Although, before now some measures ought to the been taken before now from the government. You see one of the problem of this country is that we don’t prepare for War, its only when War comes that we start strategizing which has caused more harm than good to us. Be that as it may, total closed down in this 3 States is good, but the question is that, “What measures has the government put in place to make provision for the people of that State, and also do they have adequate medical provisions for the affected ones. Conclusively, we just need to adhere to the instructions the government has given us, even thou is going to affect our economy.

Olajide Olawuwo

Its not enough sef. The whole damn country should be locked down for 2 weeks. He should declare a state of emergency

Bola Adeyinka

No thoughts I’m a law abiding citizen noni

Adenike Oluremi


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