Africa needs to increase vaccine production 73-fold to reach its vaccine sovereignty target


 Analysis from The ONE Campaign finds that just 1.1% of Africa’s vaccine supply actually comes from Africa, with Asia providing over half and Europe over one-third of Africa’s vaccine supply. 

The African Union and Africa CDC proposed an ambitious target to manufacture 60% of Africa’s immunization needs on the continent by 2040. Our new analysis tracks progress toward this goal, identifies the challenges and offers a 6-point plan for accelerating vaccine sovereignty in Africa. 

Key figures: 

  • 98.9% of Africa’s vaccine supply is produced outside the continent, leaving Africa vulnerable to supply chain disruptions and vaccine inequality. 
  • In 2021, African leaders prioritized vaccine sovereignty, setting a target to produce 60% of Africa’s vaccines by 2040 in Africa.  
  • To meet that target, at least 1.5 billion doses must be produced annually on the continent by 2040; that’s 73 times more than what is currently produced on the continent.  

“By 2030, Africa will account for over one-third of global vaccine demand. This makes vaccine sovereignty in Africa more than a target – it a critical imperative to ensure healthy lives across the continent.” said Ndidi Okonkwo Nwuneli, President and CEO of The ONE Campaign.  The African Union’s 2040 target to produce 60% of the needed vaccines in Africa is a huge step in the right direction. However, vaccine sovereignty will not be achieved overnight. We need comprehensive plans and clear commitments from visionary partners.  Working collaboratively, we can build trust across continents, and ensure that every child has the opportunity not only to survive, but thrive.” 

ONE and its partner NGOs ask France to reaffirm its support for Gavi and mobilize the international community to continue reducing inequalities in access to immunization. We also welcome France’s plans to co-organize the launch of the AVMA with the African Union, in parallel of the launch of Gavi’s investment opportunity. This announcement illustrates France’s commitment to promote the health sovereignty of Africa and will have to be followed by ambitious financial commitments.  


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