Feature: Coronavirus Pandemic- What if it’s just a myth?


By Kayode Awojobi


When the news of the deadly disease broke out, it was just like the usual sickness which may be curbed within the few days of treatment. To some, it was a rude shock and many people in the western world refer to it as a new formulation from China; religious leaders refer to it as another plague from God, which came as a result of our sins and other unnamed atrocities that are around the world. Even though before the advent of the pandemic disease, none of our spiritual leaders told us to expect any of such global happening. As norm, many of us were fully expectant of the year 2020 with abundant goodness. Meanwhile, accolades must be given to the leaders across the spectrum who took reasonable actions when the disease broke out and supported their members in this time of global trial.

What if COVID-19 is just a myth or probably someone’s dream which we’re all watching in a cinema which would never come to reality? This might possibly be the imagination and presumption of so many people, but no! We’re all experiencing it and funny enough, if something like this was predicted by a fortune teller some years ago, many of us would have debunked it and described it as malady from the prophet. But here we are, experiencing a biological world war without the use of any arm whatsoever, rather, distancing ourselves from one another and taking precautions that can’t cost us more than we can afford. The effect of this 3rd world war might be minimal to some of us, we are all sureties under the leadership of a war Lord unknown and unseen named Coronavirus.

Without mincing words, Coronavirus has exposed the atrocities that surrounds our governance and indeed we’re living in shambles. With the advent of this virus across nations of the world, it is obvious that so called world leaders are enigma on the basis of human capacity and no one is enough to doubt the superiority of God, as their leadership prowess has been turned to nothing. So, while the developed countries are experiencing this trauma, what then is the hope of the developing and under-developed countries across the globe?

Apologies to whom its due, and I retract my apologies if it is of no need, if my assertions are biased. Based on the rate at which this virus seems to spread in Nigeria and the way it got into the nation and how it spread to the states and is still spreading, it is quite obvious that the leadership capacity of this country is only effective and efficient on black and white. No one can tell how long we would continue to experience this doom that has no expiry date.

Coronavirus in Nigeria has exposed that most of the first class health facilities acclaimed to have been brought and built across Nigeria are only imaginary and an avenue for embezzling public funds which is actually meant for the betterment of the masses in order to make life easier for them. But the political office holders are all with kleptomaniac fingers. No wonder, majority of them can’t even check their blood pressure in the so called first class hospitals or even treat mere headache there.

The advent of Coronavirus in Nigeria, has shown we’re weightless financially and economically, only God knows how we’ll all cope after this saga. Does that means we have little or no solid backbone economically as the almighty crude oil is gradually turning to a worthless resources. Are we not in doom?

There is an endless list of what Coronavirus has exposed in our dear country and is still exposing, which indicates that we the masses are indeed hopeless and helpless, as our government is hapless. Let’s thank our creator that the virus started from the developed countries, if not, it would have been the other way round as many of the so called Messiah would have left us all alone with our doom.

What if Coronavirus is just a myth? Is Nigeria capable enough to tackle the unseen war leader of the 3rd world war? Do you think our health facilities and health workers up to the task?

Now that we’re truly experiencing it, what will happen to the billions of Naira donated from individual and group of companies? Do you think the donor of the huge amount of money did well by donating to the Federal Government? Do you even think they really donated or is it just an audio donation? Do you think the 3rd world war will come to an end soon? If yes, what will be our hope after the pandemic?

Just as Alagba Adebayo Faleti a veteran actor and writer of blessed memory said in the memorable flick by Mainframe Productions, “Saworo Ide”, Oro yi o maa leyin, ajantiele!


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