Feature- Resolving the Human Resources and Technology Challenge beyond COVID-19


By Akinlolu Olaolu


There has been remarkable change around the workplace since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, the world has suffered industrial and economical melt down, which consequently has led to drastic change in the world economy.

Interestingly, major businesses in the last few months, which differs from one location to another, has halted their production and few narrowed their productivity channels to the mimimum, which require only few key workers on deck, while some went all the ways by absolutely cutting down the workforce. With the assumption that machines and other technological innovation will take over from where man has stopped.

Today, the pandemic in Nigeria  has equally brought tremendous  crash to the economy, the Executive order and warning for social distancing to contain the spread of the virus has led to a change in the human relations which no one can determine how long that would be.

The adjoining lockdown in the Federal Capital Territory, Lagos and Ogun States really shock the foundation of wage earners, artisans and traders. These class of Nigerians had little or nothing to eat during this period and they badly desired the reopening of the country so that they can regain their livelihoods.

However, within this short of period of time, many businesses evolved from being human- based to technological based. This led to the final emergence of the unimplemented strategy of working from home, meeting via Skype for Business, zoom, google hangouts, GoToMeeting, BlueJeans, Cisco WebEx and Slack  and other deployed solutions have now taken over the traditional workspace.

Consequently, this might be the gradually erosion of the premium placed on the workspace and the number of workers needed.  This new exploration might permanently led to the downsizing of the needed workforce.  This in turn will lead to a sharp rise in the global unemployment rate, conditional relocation, desperate hunt for survival amongst others.

This has raised a lot of concerns for people on how to resolve this pending crisis after the ravaging storm of the Pandemic is over. Clearly, millions will become unemployed and financially stranded, but the good news is that the situation  has created a sustainable niche for everyone to be showcase his or her productive rather than being an employee or a linear income earner. It is now a reality that you either showcase your value to the organisation or you exit alongside the Pandemic.

This is a golden opportunity for the Nigerian youth to think productively. This is the time to be realistic in business planning and not just the usual procrastination attitude, now it’s time to have multiple streams of income and now it’s time to get ready for every business opportunity that flies around you.

In essence, everyone should have develop a re-orientation about the “getting employed” orientation especially among students and apprentice, and rather start thinking of how to join hand to fight the global surge in the unemployment rate.

However, there is an opportunity for those who can invest in the agric sector of the economy because the world is interested in food security. There is a need to discard our heavy reliance on the oil sector so that the world after COVID-19 will be a better place for all of us.


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