Feature: The Wishful Father’s Day Gift from President Buhari


by Ayo Akinfe

Later today, I expect President Buhari to use the occasion of Fathers Day to announce a series of policy initiatives designed to offer young Nigerian men hope-


[1] There will be free primary and secondary education for every Nigerian child.

[2] Our federal government will offer one free meal to all primary school pupils.

[3] The federal government will pay a N5,000 monthly stipend to all unemployed school leavers under 24.

[4] Every state government will be compelled by law to open at least one vocational training centre in each of Nigeria’s 774 local government areas.

[5] State government;’s will also be mandated to open at least one sports facility in each of Nigeria’s 774 local government areas.

[6] State governments must also offer interest-free loans to all tertiary institution students.

[7] Upon matriculation, the federal government will offer a one-off grant of N20,000 to all tertiary institution students.

[8] To eliminate youth corp members poverty, the federal government will link the NYSC allowance to Grade Seven in the civil service.

[9] Our federal government will enter into exchange programmes with Brics and Mints nations that will facilitate the training of about 10,000 Nigerian youths annually.

[10] Nigeria’s Bank of Industry will offer loans of up to N500,000 at no more than 5% interest rate to our youths with ideas to establish enterprises

Ayo is a London-based journalist who has worked as a magazine and newspaper editor for the last 31 years. He was the founding editor of Nigerian Watch, the UK-based paper for the Nigerian community in the UK.  

He is the current president of Ondo Union UK, the chair of Uncelebrated Nigerian Awards UK and was the chairman of the Nigerian Centenary Awards UK organising committee. He was recently appointed as the Chairman of the Central Association of Nigerians in the UK

He is also the author of two books on Nigeria. Fuelling the Delta Fires is an expose which reveals the depth of the challenges in the Niger Delta, while Black Ladder is a narrative about the life of a Nigerian immigrant in the UK. In addition, Ayo is a columnist for several publishing houses in both Nigeria and the UK.

Ayo has a history degree from the University of Ibadan and I did my post-graduate studies in journalism at the University of Westminster.



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