Feature:Africa Magic & Indomie partners to redefine Owambe


“What is a Saturday without Owambe?” “Saturdays are for Owambe” amongst other hashtags are popular hashtags on Instagram and other social media that generates buzz every weekend until the advent of COVID-19.

The word which is today associated with party crawlers in the South-Western part of Nigeria, was coined by the late General Robert Adeyinka Adebayo.

Owanbe naturally excites Lagosians and it is the best way of cooling off during weekends. There is hardly a Saturday without Owanbe in Lagos and this has led to the blooming of various organizations within the event circles.

However, the pandemic, has brought a creative twist to the definition of Owambe through the partnership of  Indomie noodles and Africa Magic. They have been able to revive the fun every Saturday evening with the hashtag #AMOwambe.

The creative telecast depicts the various happenings at various Owambe parties. Some of the activities that add glamour include dancing, foods from various caterers, aso-ebi, Master of ceremony, guest appearance of a comedian and all the likes have been crafted into this beautiful tv show.

Another interesting feature is that viewers have the opportunity to send the video of themselves dancing from the comfort of their homes. Those who send their videos consciously dress up with their Owanbe attires to participate in the competition irrespective of age and gender. People are equally rewarded for participating in the show.

What is an owanbe without food? Definitely, the event will not be complete. The show has been able to position indomie as  a party meal.  Nigerians are requested show their culinary skills by sending a picture of their cooked indomie, how it is garnished will be judged and winners will be selected for the week.

The weekly traditional attire of Steve Onu popularly called Yaw, the host of the show is always on point. The host also add  glamour to the ceremony and guest A-list comedians add spice to the show with their acts.

The show is one of the therapeutic shows on tv in such a time like this when people are depressed and sad. The fun is usually unlimited every Saturday night and people groove into the night.

Another fascinating part of the show is that you don’t get to listen to one band every week. Each band plays unique songs which cut across different regions of the country, old school tunes and contemporary songs. As such, the show does not get boring for any tribe and these different rhythms add good flavour to each edition.

There is also a provision for live tweets in which those at home are allowed to participate in the show by sending their comments as the event is underway. The social media buzz for the partnering brands is phenomenal.

This novel concept has positively impacted the Nigerian viewership of DsTV and GoTV at this prime time of the weekend and people have found a new way to unwind. The Indomie Owambe show is the best live family show on TV now.


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