FG acquires new anti-wildlife equipment for airports


The Federal Government has acquired new anti birds equipment for airports to ensure Flight safety.


Statistics from the International Civil Aviation Organization ICAO, show that globally over 3.6 per cent of flight incidences are traceable to bird strike and other wildlife hazards.

Director of Operations, Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria, FAAN, Captain Muktar Muye who disclosed this at the symposium on Reduction on wildlife strike hazard at Nigerian airports said, the equipment called Phonix bird wailers would be shipped into the country in few weeks and deployed to the four major airports in the country.

According to him, the Phoenix bird Wailer deters birds from airport runways and helipads, using high-fidelity natural alarm and distress calls together with local raptor calls.

He emphasized that increased traffic and growing bird population near airports together raises the risk of bird-aircraft collision.
According to him, data from ICAO shown that 89% of bird strikes occur near or on the aerodrome.

Captain Muye stated that the responsibility for the elimination of collision hazard fell on the airport operators, adding that FAAN was working with the regulatory agency to develop and implement a wildlife management plan for each airport which includes training of personnel to manage the programme.

He, however, noted that the onus was on the Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority NCAA to put in place appropriate legislation and regulations to address the safety concerns including those related to land use around the aerodrome.

“Airline Operations are complex and operating cost is high. Time is one of the most valuable commodities and schedules are finely turned to ensure on Tim performance. Striving to achieve this, flight crew are constantly weighing safety and economics”.


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