Ogunlana Jimmy wins the University of Lagos Alumni Showdown Chess tourney


By Wale Oyeleye

Ogunlana Jimmy has won the online chess tourney hosted by the University of Lagos Chess players. The event was sponsored by an Alumni, Mr. Nnamdi Nwoye, who is popularly known in the chess circle as Namotal. This nickname he got through his brilliant sacrifices on the chessboard beating top players across in the country during his undergraduate years in University of Lagos.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the tournament was played online using www.lichess.org platform.
The tournament was quite a tough battle as Alumni as far back as 1995 graced the event.

Nigerian Machine came first in person of Jimmy Ogunlana who just finished his service, Ladokun Kolawole aka Krovsky came second while Koya Steven of 1995 set came third.

In an epilogue written by Adeyimika Adeyinka, the media officer for the tournament, he said,

Nostalgia filled the air as The Tourney was filled with household names, that their successors do not even know.

Brilliance all around it was as they showed their stuff. From Ransome Kuti road, to Biobaku hall, down to Moremi gardens like kings and queens they are, they showed their stuff.

The tourney began, little did we know it was a facade, they had not lost an iota of strength, speed yes, maybe? But quality shone all around.

The newest member of the alumni took it home with him though, I guess he’s newer and sharper. The machine grazed through the field but it wasn’t easy. The irresistible force vs The immovable objects.

Mr Koyasteven all the way from 1995 showed that indeed class is permanent. MissRondo the only woman in their midst strut her stuff, and when the Humanoid came, what did she do ? She simply removed its batteries.

The titled ones in their midst didn’t have it easy the field was impervious to their obvious strength. Impregnable was master Krovsky, your younger ones don’t know you, but we are all impressed. To the Alumni of the University of Lagos, we the undergrads have seen, now we understand. The bar is high, but we will indeed surpass.



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