University of Calabar (Unical) Alumni Association Lagos chapter set for Memorial Walk


The University of Calabar(Unical) Alumni Association Lagos chapter is holding the 2nd edition of its end-of-the-year hangout themed: Memorial Walk for Health.


The hangout is a gathering of Alumni from the University of Calabar. It is centered on health and fitness for the human body and is designed to elicit a physical fitness culture and health consciousness in the Nigerian people.

The event will be a fusion of walkout, dance, medical check-up, and networking. Here is a breakdown on what to expect:


Walkouts are an effective core exercise that helps build your muscles with several notable benefits. In case you are wondering how it will be done, walkouts do not require equipment, zero training is needed, and you do not have to worry about difficult walkouts, they are in varying degrees and have been prepared comprehensively to involve you. So, come walkout.


According to Livestrong, dancing is a form of aerobic exercise that keeps your heart in good condition and reduces your chances of illnesses, such as high blood pressure and heart disease, We know walkout might not be for everyone but who can resist moving in a few rhythmical steps? If you are a dancer, you enjoy dancing, or will like to try dancing, this hangout is for you.

Medical Check-up

It is easy to think that we are healthy and there is no need for a health check-up, but with regular medical checkups, it is easy to detect any health threats early, particularly those that present themselves with little or no physical symptoms. At the Memorial Health Walk, there will be free medical check-ups available for all attendees at the Memorial Walk Health hangout. Medical check-ups include breast cancer tests/scans, blood group test, sugar level, and COVID-19 check. The earlier the better to find quick lasting solutions to them.


What is a hangout without the opportunity to network? During the memorial health walk, you get the opportunity to reconnect, interact and connect with people of like mind, gain industry connections, and more connections.

Prizes to be won

This is the ice cream on the cake. The first 20 people to make it to the venue will automatically win high-value branded gift items like; a power bank, a headset, and a star prize; a 2.5KVA generator.

Memorial Walk

This will be a memorable act as we get the opportunity to take out time to remember and celebrate our fallen heroes who lost their lives to health conditions; Ubong King(COVID-19), Frank Aja Ukpabi aka Frank West, Otu Njama, Esther Moses Edet, Prince Emeka Obasi, and others.

The Memorial walk for health is scheduled to hold by 7:00 am, on Saturday, 3rd Of December at 31 Isaac John Street, Metro Park, Ikeja GRA, Lagos.

It is going to be jamming and lit, you do not want to miss it.


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