About 800 returnees arrive Nigeria from Libya between January and February 2020.


About 800 Nigerians of different classification have arrived the country from Libya through Murtala Muhammed International Airport between January and February 2020. Some of the returnees were those found wanting, deportees, voluntarily returnees and repatriation.


Investigation revealed that more on the list of the returnees were voluntarily returnees, those who have found out that they can no longer live in Libya.

It was also gathered that deportees were very negligible and repatriations were a little bit higher than deportation while the voluntary topped the list.

According to sources close to the immigration service at the airport, all the returnees were treated Ike normal passengers, profile them without stigmatization

There was however no issues of human trafficking in the last two months through the airport, it was further gathered

On the Coronavirus currently ravaging the world, the source hinted that there has been a great reduction in the issuance of Visa on Arrival VoA by men of the Nigerian Immigration Service at the Murtala Mohammed International Airport Lagos.

Investigation at the airport revealed that a total of 265 on arrival visas were issued in February as against 440 in January by NIS at the Murtala Mohammed International Airport with a decline of 175

This shows the implication of Covid 19 to business investors to Nigerian or ease of doing business in the country

But both the Port Health and immigration personnel have been working assiduously to ensure effective coverage especially in the area of Yello card

It was also learned that the earlier agitation between passengers and immigration personnel in the wake of the coronavirus has stopped as passengers now surrender their documents for check

On protection of officers against covid19, our source said “we are provided with sanitizers and face mask everyday, it has become a consumable, we change it on and on and port health always give us advice on how to use them, so we have become port health officers in disguise”

“Our embarkation form, the information there are very reliable and that is the bulk of the data for the passengers, on passenger manifest, so these are the raw data that give us a trace to the passenger in line and it is really helpful” added the source


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