FAAN Boss Calls For Attitudinal Change In Aviation Sector


The Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer of the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN), Captain Rabiu Hamisu Yadudu has appealed to stakeholders in the Nigeria’s aviation sector to come up with the right attitude so as to achieve the desired developments in the industry.


Capt. Yadudu who spoke at the launch of a book titled “Troubled Skylines, Travails of Nigerian Commercial Aviation” by Group Captain John Ojikutu stated that it is not enough to have people with intelligence and that what is more important is to have people with the right attitude.

Yadudu advised stakeholders to endevour to fix their attitudes so that they can be led to the right commitments that would eventually lead to great achievements.

Yadudu identified the biggest challenge in the industry to be partisanship. He therefore, advised that all stakeholders should start working together to fix their attitude so as to show an example in the aviation industry.

While admonishing critics to come up with constructive criticisms, the FAAN boss equally urged airlines, pilots, ground handlers, government agencies and other stakeholders to work together and also try as much as possible to be open to constructive criticisms.

He said that, it is educated people and people with experience with high pedigree are the ones causing problem in Nigeria.

According to him, once a professional has partisan inclinations, that undermines professionalism, stressing that, this is the more reason countries lesser in terms of resources and human beings doing much greater than what Nigeria is doing.

He said “So I think ART and all other stakeholders should start, behind the scene to coordinate a kind of program and initiative that will see that Nigerian aviation coordinate as one, work as one and achieve as one.

“Without proper coordination, it will never happen; we will sit as one after another book written by Group Captain Ojikutu or any other person and keep on lamenting. But let’s take charge. Let’s do the right thing, after all; when you write a book, it is a sign that you have intelligence, so with your intelligence let’s coordinate our actions”.

Let’s not act according to stereotype. Let’s start working to fix our problems; let’s not reserve our lamentations for when we are launching books, when we are doing conferences, when we are going to different locations”.

He suggested that stakeholders in the aviation industry should have a committee, made up of senior people to coordinate other stakeholders and to ensure that the industry is talking as one.


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