Feature: 10 Things Nigerian Government Should do to End Organ Harvesting


by Ayo Akinfe

10 things the Nigerian government needs to do if it wants to bring about an end to the booming organ harvesting industry the country


[1] 12 specialist hospitals shall be built in Nigeria with two in each geo-political zone. These shall include – Dermatology, optometrics, renal failure, cardialogy, neurology, ear/throat/nose, cancer, HIV/AIDS, orthopedia, rheumatics, tropical diseases and sickle cell anaemia

[2] Pharmaceutical companies will be given 10 year tax holidays if they establish manufacturing facilities in Nigeria

[3] Each of Nigeria’s 774 local governments must have at least two general hospitals

[4] Healthcare will be free at the point of delivery to all Nigerians

[5] Every state government must have at least one mobile clinic which visits remote and inaccessible areas

[6] A national target of 20 minutes waiting time shall be established for all ambulance services

[7] Nigeria shall spend 10% of its GDP on healthcare

[8] State governments who build specialist hospitals in new areas will be given special grants

[9] A national target of producing 20,000 doctors a year shall be aimed for

[10] Medical equipment manufacturers will be given a five year tax holiday if they establish plants in Nigeria


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