Feature-Ajimobi and his controversial demise


by Kayode Awojobi


Just like Yorùbá would say, ‘Iro iku laa pa m’ada’, the same is applicable to Senator Abiola Ajimobi who took the place of “ada” ‘Cutlass’ in this context, when the news of his controversial death broke out at almost the eleventh hour of Thursday, it was indeed one of the rude shock that Nigerians might have experienced in the past years, as many Nigerians were already, bestowing limitless accolades to the constituted authority of Oyo state and many were still praying for his recovery despite the controversial report. How much can someone be loved other than this?

As I stated in my previous article titled “COVID-19: Let us pray for Abiola Ajimobi”, it is obvious that many Nigerians are really praying for the Koseleri governor of Oyo state who did all his best to turn the state around in all ramifications, whereas, many Nigerians really wished him dead, then I ask, of what benefit will the death of another human being like you be unto you?

Indeed, loosing Ajimobi to the cold hands of death in this very delicate time will be a huge minus to the political standard of Oyo state, not only because Ajimobi happened to be the first governor to rule the state twice as against the popular saying that, “Ara Ibadan ki sin eeyan leemeji”, meaning; Ibadan descendants doesn’t serve a leader and twice, but in the case of Ajimobi. He negated the popular saying and this among others made him the Koseleri governor of Oyo State or being the acting national chairman of the ruling party, All Progressives Congress (APC).

To be frank, the controversial demise of Abiola Ajimobi is of huge lesson to everyone of us, as we never can tell when and where our end will meet us, and this is of more reason why we all need to live our lives in such a way that it would be worth of emulation. Mind you, if Ajimobi had joined his ancestors on Thursday as reported, his demise won’t be a sorrowful one, rather, it would be “Oku eko, ijagudu akara” so to say, if not for the pandemic that is currently tormenting the world.

Ajimobi’s untrue demise has broken the trust some people have on many media platforms, as it made most of the Journalist to forget the principle of “When in doubt, leave it out”, while many would have gained more tractions for reporting the news in the other way round, but the truth remains, the subject of the matter would one day kick the bucket so as journalists and you. Maybe that why Yoruba do say “Iku a pa eni ta ñ pe, iku atun pa eni to ñ peni”.

As I stated in my article aforementioned, let’s continue to pray for the family of Abiola Ajimobi now and possibly after his demise.


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